Big Brother Australia – Sun 6:30pm, Mon-Fri 7pm, Ch9
Tonight, an emotion packed show!  It’s Big Brother’s Big Secrets.

6 final housemates

All with something to hide.

What will they sacrifice to protect themselves

The game is nearly over

Housemates must choose

Secrets or safety?

Sonia Kruger welcomes us live from Dream World in a sparkly black number.  We’re told BB will offer footage from inside and outside the house. But BB will reveal their dirty laundry too.

Let’s see what happened on eviction night… Post Stacka’s exit, Ben is devo. Tears and hugs. A bit more genuine now as things are getting close to the wire and people are really attached to each other.

Estelle’s been up 6 times and saved six times. She’s in shock that she’s still there.

Layla and Zoe hug. It’s like they can smell the $250,000. You can see it on their faces.  Zoe and Ben hug and dramatically we can hear their hearts beating on the microphones. Talk about drama!

Sam and Estelle continue to follow each other round the house in a desperate attempt to keep themselves safe in the house. Strategy all the way for these two.

Ben sticks Stacey’s namecard above his bed and he has a little weep. The audience “aaaaawes”. It’s sad, poor widdle Benny, he’s lost his mate.

Stacka’s final message:

Rambo Sambo – came in effortlessly with great hospitality

Estelle – an inspiring girl. The opposite of Stacka she says.

Zoe – beautiful person inside and out

Lay Lay – had the time of their lives together

Michael – been idiots together, love him.

Benjamin – her right hand man. So selfless, totes hilarious, attached at the womb. They found love in a hopeless place.

Delilah – her favourite cuddle buddy.


Estelle, Diary Room

Excited, but hard to celebrate when other people are sad about losing someone.


Zoe, Diary Room.

“Why is she still here?”

We all know who she means (um, if you don’t, Estelle) Hilarious.

“what is it about her? Enlighten me someone, please”

“Oh my god is she frustrating”

“is her ‘stellahood’ on the outside going to vote me out? I don’t really care anymore”

Ben and Michael have the ever important ‘who will win’ discussion between closed teeth. Michael mumbles Estelle. Ben mumbles Layla. Michael reckons if “Sam bites”  – gives in to Estelle’s flirtation, Layla will win. “Layla’s lost the steam” they agree. “she’s sitting around waiting to die” Ben says dramatically.

Zoe, Diary Room

Says that Estelle was in it for the money from day 1 and actually told them all that (is that such a bad thing? It’s a lot of money) Zoe continues ranting, it’s hilarious.

Ben gives Michael a pep talk – “you could win” “you have just as much chance to win as anyone else” He says Michael was the number 1 pick from day 1 and the only thing that changed was his confidence in himself.

Thanks Dr Ben.

Sonia teases, How will the housemates react if all the devious things they’ve done come back to haunt them?

Back to the house, and Zoe is killing Estelle’s toy horse. (the horse she took from Big Baby’s room) It’s a very funny scene as Zoe smashes this toy against the couch and breaks it “whoops” she jokes

Estelle confronts her horse killer. “why would you do this?” “I was frustrated…I didn’t do it on purpose or in a hurtful way”

Ha! Yes you did, but I still love you for it Zoe.

Estelle says it’s lucky it’s only a split and he doesn’t have to be put down. Zoe under her breath “wait until he goes over the fence”

The live crowd cracks up laughing.

Later… Estelle finds horsey in the kitchen all fixed with a bandage around his stick.

BB is very angry at Zoe’s horsey outburst. He bans her from the bedroom until tomorrow morning. And with the Melbourne Cup coming up, decides she needs to walk 3200 metres on the treadmill.

Zoe laughs. Ben is outraged, “I don’t even know what that stupid horse is still doing here, considering it’s not even your property Estelle” and with that, Ben gets up and huffs off to the bedroom. Yeah. “why do you have to be so nasty” asks Estelle.

Ben and Michael are in rescue mode. Removing a mattress for Zoe, gathering her belongings so she’ll be comfortable for the night. They’re furious!

Estelle sulks off to the bedroom to help move Zoe’s things… Michael the non-hugger hugs Estelle and tells her she’ll be fine. Guh.

And later, Flemington racecourse is in full throttle with Zoe on the tready doing her 3200 metres. Michael does the race call, while the others cheer on. Delilah is loving it!

It’s Estelle vs The World. Estelle’s in the Diary Room which gives the HMs free reign to dissect her seeming popularity in the outside world. Should they continue hating on her for the last week in the house? Layla thinks they should be enjoying their time.

Estelle, Diary Room

She forgives but can’t always forget.

She says she’s nice, but she’s not fake like the others.

Ben tries to explain his thoughts on Estelle. He thinks that ‘kids today’ and everything they should be standing for IS ESTELLE. So he thinks she’s a good person in that sense. But she’s incredibly annoying and rubs people up the wrong way on purpose to get a reaction.

Michael thinks she’s an immature 24. She’s ‘the Captain of Annoying” but the more they hate on her the worse she’ll be.

Sonia ponders- does Michael like Estelle? That is the big question…

BB breaks the news to the Housemates that there are no more Nominations. Cheers! They’re told that Australia is now voting for who will win. OH. MY. GOD. Their faces are priceless. BB will be revealing some big secrets to them and they’re super excited!!

We cross live to the house… they’re dressed up and looking spiffy.  They’re sent to the new ‘banquet hall” previously known as the Nomination Chamber. They enter and there’s a long table that looks like The Last Supper. There are cheeses and nibblies for them.

BB has some show highlights to share with them. He plays them the Chamber comments from all their Loved Ones during noms last week. Laughs, tears and big smiles all round. Ending with Layla’s beautiful hug with her dad.

BB will call them one at a time and present a ‘deal’ for them. He has a video package for each person that could contain messages from home and info they’ve been craving. It could reveal who’s been nominating them. What other housemates have been saying about them… Michael perks up “what?” Ben looks a tad worried. The cogs are turning, there’s nervous laughter… Ha, this is brilliant. In exchange for the video, the other housemates will be able to see all the sneaky things that Housemate’s done. How much do they have to hide?

Sonia crosses live to Surly. Very soon BB will reveal Surly’s existence to the rest of the house. His proudest moment was getting a kiss off Estelle, but on second thoughts perhaps that wasn’t so hard.

Back to the house live… Ben says “Estelle I think you’re going to find out that I bitch about you” he nervously jokes. Too funny.

Sonia says hello to the housemates and they have a little chit chat about how they’re feeling. Will they, won’t they swap secrets? They’re all nervous.

BB announces the Surly secret and there’s lots of screaming! Ben, Layla and Sam knew nothing about the little fishy guy.


He says he has a ferris wheel in his tummy

Does he have something to hide?


“BB will take that as a yes”

Will he, won’t he… He accepts the deal and gets to watch the video.

Michael’s Best Friend tells him he left his front door open to his house!

Reece his best friend is having a baby!

Ted had a party in his house.

Zoe has been nominating him…

Footy Scores. Mum and sis say hi.

And that is it!

Michael is so excited his friend’s having a baby. He’s nearly in tears

“he can’t even spell father”


Very incriminating.. holy cow!

His thoughts on Estelle being the strongest competitor.

All his nominating for Estelle and Zoe is revealed.

Layla’s rollers being burnt!

It’s all there and there’s lots of yelling and laughing. Estelle and Michael start arguing about how many times they nominated each other


She’s almost having a panic attack

YES, she accepts the offer.

Message from her dad, they’ve moved into a new place

Layla’s bro who sounds exactly like her! Funny

Ben having a good bitch about her – saying she bosses Sam around and is mean to Delilah. He also noms her

She also sees that she has a stack of twitter followers.

She starts crying… not sure if it’s happy or sad tears… possibly sad tears. Poor love.


She’s nommed Estelle and Ben

Zoe is her favourite housemate

Ben her least favourite

Her vote for Stacey that put her up for eviction – BEN HAS HIS HAND ON HIS MOUTH, SHOCKED

Sam or 250k? She chose the money. Haha

Ben looks upset


Accepts the deal.

His mum is really proud

Michael, Zoe, Ben have all voted for him

The surf’s been good

Michael ‘hates protein dudes’. Michael and Ben joke

His dad got married

His sister misses him

Sam’s now crying… BB offers him a tissue


He hid Zoe’s stuffed lion

He gave Ange a hicky

He voted for Ben

He’d love to win, even if it meant nominating Layla


She’s not afraid for her HMs to see all of her.

She accepts the deal.

Her friend’s been overseas to Germany

Dennis her lovely horse is fine

Michael bitching about Estelle

Bradley bitching

Layla, Zoe, Josh nominating

Estelle’s mum says hello.

Estelle bursts into tears…


She knows everyone’s stabbing her in the back

Michael saying he hates Estelle

She had a secret dinner with Surly

…hmm… and that’s about it!

Estelle has never said a bad thing about anyone.


Ben prefaces the following moments by saying ‘Zoe has been sitting next to me shitting bricks which probably means she’s said something bad about everyone, so let’s just take it on board”… Is this so the HMs give you the same break too Ben? Awe, love ya Ben

She’s terrified of what people are going to see of her.

She accepts the deal.

Her mum is proud.

Ben, Ange, Sam and Michael have all nommed her

Michael bitching about the awkward sexual tension that he doesn’t want

Michael bitching about her whinging

Her best friend says gday

Zoe’s little niece who has a couple of teeth and is crawling

Zoe crys… bless

Zoe asks Michael about the sexual tension comment… Awkward!


Surly asking her to throw away Ryan’s shoes

Nominating Michael.

Bitching about Layla who’swon everything and still complains

Fantasising about kissing Michael – with full re-enactments of how she’d do it. OH. GOD. She must be DYING of embarrassment.

Taking off Estelle’s pout


Bring it on. He accepts.

His mum is so proud

Zoe and Stacka bitching about his moody “I never win anything” attitude

Layla, Sam and Estelle nomming him

Estelle reckons Ben’s the instigator for bitching

Ben’s boyfriend says hey

Ben is super excited and his boyfriend is ‘super sexy’ he says. Cute.


Ben making jokes about Estelle’s ‘tofu tea’

He will ‘destroy’ Layla if she has something against him

It’s turning into the Sam and Layla show

Ben as the tooth fairy.

Well, that could have been a lot worse…

BB gives them a pep talk to take the edge off the tension. We see a feel good package about all the Housemates. AWE. Damage control. Nice.

They’re all happy and get all teary again. Awe.

A revealing and emotional show tonight.

The HMs go back to the lounge for one final message… Sonia tells them WHEN the winner will be crowned. Wednesday week. 9 more sleeps to go.

One last secret. There will be more than one eviction prior to the Finale.

Very exciting.

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