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It’s a freaky horror movie opening to the show tonight. It’s Big Brother meets Zombie town. It’s Angie VS Layla. It’s strategy all the way. It’s Live Nominations Night! Mwa ah aaaah! ahem…

And we welcome Sonia Kruger in a white chifony Gold Coast appropriate ensemble. Tonight we find out BB is forcing housemates to nominate for strategy. AND there will be a new intruder… (another one? Is this the never-ending Big Brother show? “Surprise – you’re stuck in there forever!”)

Let’s see what happened post George departure Sunday night. Hugs…hugs and more of Ben hugging and fake smiling at Estelle. Layla looks a bit shocked but fine and everyone asks if she’s ok. Bradley is a relieved little puppy looking quite the young hipster nerd with his new makeover.

Michael, Diary Room. Says he’s frazzled and feels responsible for George going. Yes, you are. He said his voting had been strategic. Knowing everyone would already give Estelle points, he only gave her 1 and gave 4 to poor George because he prefers the less macho guys in the house.

Lounge Room. Layla, Ava and Estelle sit with Brad and joke about his flaws and Stacey makes some random hilarious comparison to the playboy mansion floors. “filled with girls with no tops on…like your mind…so many different levels” Ava starts crying out of nowhere.

Zoe, Diary Room, looking lovely in bright red lipstick. Sad that George has left. Feels bad that she didn’t connect to him earlier. Zoe thinks maybe she had the hots for him in the beginning, but thought he’d never like her, so encouraged Layla. Awe… she says it really sucked at the time, and now Layla likes Sam “I s’pose that will eventuate as well…cause she’s beautiful” (we cut to shots of Layla massaging Sam, straddled on top of him) She tells BB that he’s put in too many attractive girls and there’s too much competition.

Ava and Josh making out in the bathroom, enough to put you off dinner. BB summons everyone to the lounge for George’s final message. Josh carries Ava out there. George farewells Zoe and tells her how beautiful and smart she is, not to listen to anyone else and be confident. Princess Layla gets an emotionless goodbye. “..and you’re the beautician of the house” George is great with facts… But the worst part is how sincere and nice he is to Michael. I swear Michael is blushing and definitely tearing up. Guilty as charged!

After the break Sonia hints about meeting the new female intruder later. But for now, let’s watch BB give Ava a good spanking. She’s been sent to the naughty corner for not wearing her microphone. She must clean some gross cricket jock straps. Bradley makes a crack about a “Josh strap” and everyone promptly goes to bed leaving her all alone…except for her SWFF (single white female friend) Estelle who sits up watching her…creepy.

Meanwhile in the bedroom, Sam and Layla are under the covers while everyone watches on. “I didn’t kiss you properly the other night” … sloppy kissing noises continue. Sam asks Layla if this is going to make things awkward. She’s confused again (Layla style) but says no. Then in a round about way Sam says he’s only in it for fun. Does anyone smell “Sam the Strategy rat”. I think he’s going to pick these ladies off one by one.

Back to Ava cleaning her jocks. She has one left to go, so Josh walks back to the bedroom happy for her. Ava sticks her tongue out at him, then smiles at single white female friend. “I love you more” she whispers to Estelle.

Back to bedroom shenanigans. “I can kind of see this going bad” says Sam. Layla wonders why. “…as long as we’re on the same page…” code for “then I can screw around with Angie as well” Layla says that nothing ever bothers her. And here’s the corker, Sam says “cause if you want to kiss me, kiss me… I’m not fussed”… Delightful!

Sonia discusses what might happen if the HMs are forced to nominate strategically. They could find themselves voting for friends or lovers…

Josh and Ava are pashing in the bathroom again. Angie walks in…and Angie walks out.

Zoe in Diary Room. Thinks Ava is already working strategically by hooking up with Josh so early.

Michael & Josh discuss noms. Michael asks if he’s worried about “certain outcomes”. He’s walking a fine line for breaking the rules right now.

Ava in the DR. Hopes their relationship doesn’t effect the HMs or that people think it’s strategic. “it’s totally natural”

Bradley, Ben and Michael are hanging outside. As soon as Bradley walks away, Ben begins his bitch… “I really hated him until last week…” The live crowd moans. Michael says he’s always liked him.

Bradley, Diary Room. Reflects on how wonderful it feels to be saved from eviction. He thinks he might miss out on nominations if people have to vote strategically….

Estelle, Diary Room. She’s thrilled, relieved. Thinks she’ll probably be nommed again though…

Sonia intros a little behind-the-strategy update on house politics. Who holds the cards:

Michael,king of clubs: Has always been at the top of the hierarchy.

Josh, jack of clubs: all round nice guy but now has a girlfriend

Layla, queen of hearts: has now revealed her dark side

Zoe, Queen of Spades: never been up for eviction and doesn’t think she could win.

Stacey, Queen of Diamonds: cracks jokes but could it cost her?

Ben, The Joker: he’s the wild card, unique, smart and outspoken.

Sonia reminds us that Ava is in the nom mix as well. We cross live to the house and noms begin! The housemates are told they’re not allowed to cover their mouths tonight in the chamber room. And the super power is awarded to Layla by George. She’ll find out about it shortly. She’s Super panicked now. It could be seen as a curse.

And this week Sam is not nominating so will be assigned his own task. He can pick from 3 boxes in front of him. One has a duster to dust the whole house, one has a cloth for polishing all the kitchenware and the final box has a DVD player with a surf movie. He picks the cloths. Bugger.

All HMs to the chamber… meanwhile Sonia throws to a recap package of Sam’s week in the house. The girls, the drama & the body! Sonia now chats to him live. He says he would have nommed Benjamin and Josh strategically… and off he goes to polish the dishes.

Let’s get down to nominations:

Angie, 2 points for strategy. BB asks if she REALLY thinks Angie could win the show. “Yes Big Brother” BB jokes that she’s lying.
Stacey, 3 points for bad jokes.

Ava, 2 points strategically for picking up Josh and trying to win over viewers that way.
Angie, 3 points for showing a bad side that was frightening.

Estelle, 3 points strategically by gaining momentum (friends) in the house.
Angie, 2 points for the argument with Layla. Woah.

Michael, 3 points strategically for being the smartest and funniest guy.
Zoe, 2 points for being the most likable girl in the house.

Josh, 1 point strategically for hiding behind his relationship with Ava.
Angie, 4 points for “flipping her hair extensions out” over him moving her stuff.

Ava, 4 points strategically for holding back and not being entertaining. Erm, that’s not about strategy… but he says she doesn’t help him to be funny, or something.
Estelle, 1 point for being normal and getting angry over small issues.

Bradley, 3 points strategically because she thinks he could take out the whole competition.
Stacey, 2 points (no surprise there) for getting upset and “mopey mope” when she loses lipsticks.

We get a funny flash back of Layla trying (but failing) to explain what George’s superpower was last week.
Now she’s in the DR, upset and worried about this pending power she has… BB jokes around with her about cricket and “hitting for 6” which she knows nothing about and confuses her even more, poor lamb. So her power is 6 Points. She can only nominate 1 person and for any reason. Sonia crosses live to her where Layla says she’s scared and it’s all too much for her.

Estelle, 3 points strategically for causing confrontations which bring out the worst in Ange.
Ava, 2 points for not being real and not bonding with other people.

Michael, 3 points strategically for being a lion and influential.
Angie, 2 points for the Layla incident. “Mack on…don’t attack on”

Funny Stacey montage about “meepers”. People that drain the conversation of any value. Meep meep.

George gives us a little insight into Layla. She’ll be secretly loving the super power. And she should listen to her heart, not to anyone else.

Layla – super power time.
She says she’s feeling horrible and is worried that everyone will know who she voted for. “I mean Michael’s a genius…” She’s borderline in tears.
Layla sits there for eternity agonizing over her nom.
Finally – Estelle, 6 points for being a threat in the house and is probably liked on the outside. She’s a threat to winning the program.

This weeks nominations:
Angie, 13 points
Estelle, 13 points
Ava, 8 points.

Sonia points out Angie will probably think Layla gave her the points. It’s announced to the house…

Angie keeps her head down the whole time. Estelle jokes about her own nom. And Ava is hugged by her SWFF.

We meet the fiery red haired housemate, Delilah. She’s beautiful, she’s young, she’s a dog. Awe. Can’t wait to see how the HMs react.

And Sonia reminds us there will be no eviction this Sunday due to the NRL Grand Final.

I find it hard to believe Ben got no votes. Does no one see him as a threat? I know he’s bitchy, but he’s also hugely entertaining. And the same goes for Michael. So what does everyone think about the noms?