Big Brother AustraliaSun 6:30pm, Mon-Fri 7pm, Ch9
Welcome to the first round of nominations for the new Big Brother (it’s getting harder every week!). It’s a live show for some reason, but that can’t hurt (can it?).

Sonia welcomes us to the nominations, and reminds us that every Sunday night from now on a HM will be evicted until we’re left with one HM standing – the winner of BB 2012!

Tonight only the girls can be nominated due to their failure at the secrets task, and Sonia is standing in front of a green screen showing the BB Control Room for some reason. HMs asleep? Showering? All in the loo at once?

But first we get to have the daily show recap that you would have seen had you tuned into GO! at 6pm on Sunday night. Way to go promoting that, Team BB. If nothing else it provides a chance to prove Ryan is a lothario and Estelle is a heartbreaker. SnogFest #1 gets a second look in, as does the big reveal the next morning – including Ryan’s classy acknowledgement of the exchange.

Estelle’s growing a conscience in the Diary Room while talking to BB. TOO LATE FOR THAT, YOU COLD HEARTED BITCH!

There’s also a brief recap of the girls failing the secrets task. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Sarah tries to convince the girls that the nominations being only girls shouldn’t make them testy with each other. Good luck with that. Te boys are shown in the Man Cave having the secrets revealed to them and their ability to talk one at a time. Girls, take note.

Michael has a great idea to try to see if Charne (pronouced Shar-ney) is the weightlifter, so it sounds like the boys are off to a good start.

This year (as opposed to any other year on Ch9) we’re voting to SAVE the HMs who are up for nomination. Throw to the house where Angie was bitching to Michael about how it would be easier if the boys lost the secrets task. Harden up, Princess. She knew going out they were gonna lose – oh, the benefit of hindsight.

Stacey pops into the Diary Room to talk “nom noms”. Is she hungry or anxious? Sarah also pops in to express how sad she is that anyone has to be evicted and starts crying. Has she never seen the show before? Estelle’s turn in the Diary Room turns to her concerns she now has a target because of her kissy-kissy with Ryan.

Now the boy’s secrets are out, there’s some ‘splainin to do. Ray explains his juvie background and says getting caught was the best thing ever for him. Josh gets grilled on his over 100 dates – forcing home it wasn’t having 100 girlfriends. Within the last year he offers has been the most of those dates, and yet still he’s single (ladies!).

Sleeping arrangements are always a source of nomination tension, and Sonia throws to more Daily Show material with the HMs in the bedroom and Ryan walking around like he’s cock of the walk, while Angie and Josh have hushed discussions about the altered sleeping arrangements, as Estelle and Ryan talk about Angie and Josh talking about them. The house is imploding on itself for a minute.

Discussion turns to George’s millionaire status. Benjamin tells him to run a class called “You’re not a millionaire and I am” which 80% of HMs will attend. Zoe tells George she loves a princess-cut diamond – oh, the LOLs. Then for some reason we see Sonia watching the HMs on the big screen in Eviction Stadium. This doesn’t make any sense, but at least they’re committed to it.

George promises if he wins to shout all the HMs on a trip to Perth to hang out. Ben asks that if George doesn’t win, can he still shout them all a trip to Perth to hang out? More LOLs, especially from Sonia(?!). Brad can’t get over Michael’s genius status. Layla declares Michael and her absolute polar opposites – the vagina and penis are a dead-set giveaway.

Brad doesn’t understand why Michael is so smart when he has such stupid tattoos. GOLD.

There’s discussion about spooning as the lights go out, including a snipe from Brad on Estelle and Ryan. Well played indeed.

Now the Daily Show portion is done, it’s nominations time. Sonia tells us that the new nomination process gives the HMs “more power than ever before”. Throw to BB explaining the process to the HMs in the Diary Room, and their reactions. Each HM has 5 nomination points to distribute between two HMs – however they see fit (4, 3, 2 or 1 points accordingly). All points must be used, can’t nominate themselves, can only nominate two others. Whoever has the most points (top 3) will be up for eviction.

They also HAVE to give a valid reason for the nomination, as judged by BB.

The HMs are sitting in the lounge when BB addresses them ahead of the nominations – he reveals a hidden nominations room including a nomination booth OF DOOM. Naturally the HMs spend the next 5 minutes trying to work out where it’s hidden. Sonia gets her first cross to the house (everyone else must be quiet as a mouse), and the HMs go mental at seeing her. She loves that they HMs have nicknamed her “Kruges” – yes, she’s been watching.

Sonia asks Charne (pronounced Shar-ney) if she guessed there was something beyond the Diary Room, and then asks Layla if she’s been upset about the eviction news. Sonia announces to the HMs that the winner of BB will score $250,000 – quiet amazement from the boys, and lots of hands over mouths for girls. “You know what’s at stake, good luck with the nom noms,” she says, and that’s it from Sonia in the house.

BB calls all females to the nominations room and they excitedly head in and take their seat, amazed at the fact their faces are projected on the walls. BB reprimands the talking and asks them to sit on the seats. Michael is then called to the nominations room, and he calls back to the blokes “Oh God, they’re gonna be able to see me!”

Michael is told to enter the chamber and face forward. The girls are sitting behind him and can’t hear him or see his face. BB tells him that he can speak to BB and the HMs can’t hear him – to prove it to Michael, he makes some statements to the girls, offering dates with Ryan Gosling or $5,000 if they put their hands up. Nada. We get it.

BB asks Michael to make his nominations (points AND why). He nominates Estelle for 1 point – headstrong and opinionated in a way that isn’t well thought out. He nominates Charne (pronounced Shar-ney) for 4 points because he feels she’s not being real. Michael is excused.

Josh is called forth to nominate and steps into the chamber. He nominates Charne (pronounced Shar-ney) for 3 points – he feels she’s been too controlling in various daily live issues. He then nominates Sarah for 2 points with a trivial reason but BB accepts it. Josh is excused.

Ray is already in the chamber when we come back from the ad. He nominates Charne (pronounced Shar-ney) for 4 points – she’s too precious. He nominates 1 point to Angie for hooking up with someone else on Brad’s birthday. BB asks him if he means Estelle – yep, oops. Ray is excused.

George steps into the chamber, all the while the girls watch on. “This is so hard, Big Brother.” He gives 3 points to Angie for being lazy and 2 points to Sarah for a weak reason which BB calls him out on but lets the nominations stand – THIS time. George is excused.

Bradley’s turn, though he struggles with the door. He nominates Charne (pronounced Shar-ney) for 4 points for being too controlling. This is acceptable to BB. He nominates Zoe for 1 point because she snores and it wakes him up. BB questions him on the reason for Zoe, but it’s accepted – just. Brad is excused.

Ryan’s up. He nominates Stacey for 4 points – purely strategic, and he wants to cast some points her way. BB challenges him and he gives a weak reason. Layla gets 1 point because she’s extremely lazy, but BB asks how he’s contributed – he lists the things he does off his own back, whereas Layla has to be asked. Accepted, and Ryan is excused.

Charne (pronounced Shar-ney) is the clear leader after all bar one boys having nominated. Sonia makes fun of the various methods used by the boys to hide what they’re saying, even though the girls can’t hear or seen their mouths. Mercy.

Benjamin is all chambered up, and pings “Princess Layla” for 4 points for being the most dishonest in the house over a fad diet disagreement. Benjamin is talking very quickly – BB tells him to take a breath and that his nomination is accepted. Before offering his second nom nom, BB suggests he checks that he’s closed the door properly. The crowd LOLs hard. Angie gets 1 point because he thought her behaviour to be particularly bitchy and that makes him uncomfortable. BB queries his problem with bitchy and dishonest people. The crowd laughs. It’s almost like pulling teeth. Accepted and booted. He asks the girls as he leaves if they could hear him when he was in the chamber.

The boys are done, and Charne (pronounced Shar-ney) has 15 points, then Layla on 7 with Angie and Stacey on 4. All the girls have scored at least one point. Kruges crosses back to chat with the boys to find out what it was like going into the chamber. Josh says it was the scariest experience he’s ever faced. Sonia calls out Ray’s dodgy hand over mouth method. Sonia leaves as it’s time for the girls to nominate.

BB tells the girls it’s time to nominate – Angie first. She nominates Estelle for 3 points – because she didn’t come into the house for competition, just to have fun(?!). Accepted, and Angie is reminded nominations are not excuses. Charne (pronounced Shar-ney) gets 2 points because she and Angie have the least connection (weak). Angie is excused.

Stacey’s turn. Charne (pronounced Shar-ney) scores 3 points for not making an effort with any of the girls, particularly Stacey. BB cuts her off as she’s rabbiting on. Estelle gets 2 points for being too direct and talking over Stacey during the secrets task. She is excused.

Layla’s up, and she’s already crying. FFS. Estelle is nominated for speaking over Layla whenever people are talking – she gets 3 points. Charne (pronounced Shar-ney) gets 2 points because she shouts at her when she goes to get stuff from the kitchen. She is excused.

Zoe steps in and pulls no punches. 4 points for Estelle for Mrs Ryan complaining about people talking about her. Sarah gets 1 point because she doesn’t listen to anyone else during discussions. In, nominate, out. See – it’s simple, ladies!

Sarah starts with “BB it’s really, really hard” while tearing up – she’s a BB nomination perfect storm. Layla gets 2 points for not listening to her, while Angie gets 3 points because she’s already playing the game(!). She’s subscribed to Ryan’s hand-over-mouth method. She’s excused.

It’s down to the final two girl’s nominations. Layla gets 3 points from Estelle, and Layla 2 points for pretty dodgy reasons by BB let’s it slide. Estelle’s excused.

Charne (pronounced Shar-ney) is the last lady to nominate and she’s pretty straight forward. 3 points to Zoe because she hasn’t connected with her and because she feels she’s not helping around the house. 2 points to Stacey because there’s “too much going on at once” (is she talking about the Stacey we’re all watching?). She’s excused, and all the girls are sent back to the lounge.

Hugs for everyone – but then they don’t know who’s nominated yet. They sit down at the behest of BB so he can reveal who’s nominated AND how many points they got. WOW.

Charne (pronounced Shar-ney) has 22 points.
Estelle has 14 points.
Lalya has 12 points.

Lots of gasps for the latter two, and Brad looked like he inhaled all the oxygen in the room. BB reminds the three ladies that one of them will be evicted this week.

Brad wants to talk to Sonia, while all the others sit around on the couch wondering what to do. Zoe’s teared up, and everyone agrees it’s a shitty night. Someone announces they need a beer, while another voice says they need a beer enema. Straight back to Kruges – “Poor housemates! Ohhh…”.

Now it’s over to us – we’re voting to SAVE the housemate. Voting is by calling, SMS or on Facebook – cost, cost or free. The numbers are up, and it’s game on. A reminder that BB Confidential starts this week for a “late night look at the housemates” (with their kit off). A new weekly challenge awaits PLUS the boys have to guess the girl’s secrets. There’s so much going on… what’s gonna happen NEXT WEEK???