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It’s nominations night and George has the superpower. Sonia Kruger welcomes us live in a white wrap around barely there, look-at-moi asymmetrical mini. Wowsers. She takes us through the week that’s been. The intruder Ava, her new bestie Estelle and Josh making the move. AND, there’s a new intruder on the way. Now for a look at what happened after Sunday’s eviction…

Post Ray departure, everyone hugs and pretends they’re happy Estelle is still there. Josh is probably spewing that Angie is still in there – how will he make the moves on Ava? Ben does his usual therapy session, this time with Estelle, telling her this week is a fresh start for her. He tells her he’s been bitching behind her back. Um, does that make it ok when you tell the person?? Anyhoo, Ben seems to think honesty is the best policy and is now going to like Estelle this week. “Game Playa”

Angie in the Diary Room. She’s stoked to be still in the house. She’s feeling rejected by Josh who didn’t look excited. “he’s got a new girl to google over…goggle over…ogle over?” that’ll do Ange. that’ll do.

Ray gives his last message to the housemates from the grave… he thanks Ben for being such a great friend (?) And in more news from opposites land, he thinks Estelle should keep being her crazy self.

Estelle in the Diary Room. She talks about her 7 personalities that she supposedly has. She thinks she’ll be nominated again…

Meanwhile, it’s post eviction Truth or Dare time. Zoe dares Bradley to kiss Layla while looking George in the eye. Bradley’s up for it. Layla’s horrified. A little peck and it’s hi-5s all round. Onya Bradley.

Back to Sonia, talking about Cyclone Ava and the tofu-gate storm. Lucky for her, she’s spared from nominations this week.

Michael, Josh & B-Rad have a blokes chat. Michael starts mentioning names – eg Stacey and nominations. O-oh. This is about to bite him on the bum, but not before he and Josh can talk about the awkward Angie situation. Josh was seen apparently cuddling Ava and it’s all not going well. Bradley butts in and reminds Michael that he spooned Ange for a good 2 weeks too. The live crowd cracks up. Josh says he’d never hurt her, if she told him he liked him he’d never cuddle with Ava and hurt her feelings… and then Ange appears out of nowhere and walks right past them ignoring them completely. The guys have a momentary panic – did she hear their conversation?? Hilarious. Bradley explains that Josh’s perfect world has had an earthquake and this is why Bradley doesn’t hook up with girls. Very funny.

At bedtime, Angie finds her Flopsie bunny that was hidden by the boys. She’s very angry, what if she’d been evicted and didn’t leave with Flopsie? Josh apologizes for Flopsie. Angie accepts. Josh explains to Bradley that a girl accepting an apology actually means nothing. She will make him pay FOREVER. Fact.

BB calls Michael to the Diary Room. He’s SO in trouble for talking nominations and names. He’s been given a strike. 3 strikes and he’s evicted.

Back to Sonia, explaining nominations…unnecessary chatter and now back to the house, poolside. Truth or Dare continues. Ben dares Josh to look into Ava’s eyes for one whole minute and tell her why he likes her. Squeals of excitement. Angie looks on, hiding the hurt. Josh tells Ava how beautiful she is, how lovely her voice is… he just goes on and on. Awkward!

Later on, Ava and Josh finally get some time alone in the pool…almost. Ange aka Jaws is circling nearby. Ava gives Josh a peck, which soon turns into a full on make out session. Live Crowd goes wild! George & Layla are also making out in the pool. And then there’s Angie…alone.

Josh reflects on the night with Michael in the bedroom. “when someone turns to kiss you, you can’t say no” Poor Josh. Michael: “Dream result” – very funny.

It’s lights out and Ava jumps Josh immediately. She’s making out with him and poor Angie jumps up in bed to see what’s happening. Awe, heartbreaking. Josh whispers to Ava he’s happy she was easily persuaded. She tells him she normally wouldn’t do that unless he took her out for fish tacos first. Is that a metaphor?

And we’re back to nominations… quick recap on previous weeks. Michael has nominated Ray 3 times previously. Zoe has nominated Estelle 3 times. And Josh has nominated everyone at some time or another! Josh has only been nominated with one point ever! While Bradley & Estelle have been nominated 38 times each! Man, they’re unpopular.

There’s a segment about Ben’s magical powers for guessing who’s up for nomination. It’s basically a montage of Ben’s bitch sessions.

Cut to house LIVE. Time for nominations. Before BB explains the new superpower to George, he tells Ava that she is excused from nominations but has a task of her own to keep her occupied. There are 3 boxes in front of her. One contains a squeegy to wash all the windows in the house. One contains a toilet brush to clean all the toilets in the house. And one contains an mp3 player with music she can relax to. She chooses the middle box. It’s the squeegy! Poor Ava, at least it wasn’t the toilet brush.

Let’s reflect on Ava’s week. Her bestie Estelle, Ben’s intervention, the sniffing clothes incident, Josh loving her lips… How will the “Ava Effect” change nominations? Sonia chats to Ava live. She says how much she’s loving it all, living in the moment. Who would she nominate if she had to? She doesn’t give an answer. Bit of a useless chat. zzz

George in the Diary Room finds out his superpower is watching the nomination tally board the whole time, but won’t know exactly who’s making the nominations. At the very end he can wipe out someone’s entire nomination.


3 points Ben, for using strategy. 2 points Estelle, for making the house uncomfortable.

Rumors were circulating that the nomination chamber was not sound proof. BB decides to test this by asking Layla to repeat some funny requests to the housemates. In classic Layla style she goofs it up, but it would appear the housemates can’t hear her.

4 points Estelle, personality reasons. 1 point Bradley, personality and laziness around the house.

3 points Bradley, for not evolving and lack of house keeping. 2 points Estelle, for hogging Ava.

4 points Bradley, for not brushing his teeth and his jokes are at the wrong temperature. 1 point Angie, for bullying. BB says bullying is too strong a word. Ben replaces with “influencing”

3 points Estelle, for all her personalities and being fake. 2 points George, for the chalkboard incident and not ring able to trust him.

3 points Bradley, for not maturing and speaking out of line. 2 points Angie, for gossiping.

3 points Estelle, for adding no value. 2 points Bradley, for the same reason, she doesn’t want to see him at the end of the comp still there.

Sonia chats to George… he says he’s struggling to think strategically. It’s a burden on his life, he doesn’t want the superpower.

3 points Angie, for hurting her the most and not letting her speak and for being two faced. 2 points Bradley, for not being the person he is.

4 points Estelle, for interrupting conversations and correcting him. 1 point Stacey, for under the radar and turning things into a joke.

We see an Estelle montage about her multiple personalities… and a bitchy Michael montage who doesn’t like Estelle or George.

1 point Estelle, for being a conversation wet blanket. 4 points George, for boring conversations.

We cut to George watching his nomination numbers go up! Funny…

Now George must use his superpower… da da da dum! Currently Estelle, Bradley, Angie and George are up for nomination. So who does he think nominated him and can he wipe it out? He chooses Benjamin. Oh no! He’s totally wrong and he doesn’t know it…

George’s superpower is announced to the house. And now Estelle 19 points, Bradley 11 points & George 6 points are nominated. Poor George stuffed it up…

Sonia intros the new housemate. We see a montage of a Buff, motorcycling, bloke. Confident that the house will like him. Right up Angie’s alley I reckon…

And tomorrow we’ll meet him!