Big Brother Australia – Sun 6:30pm, Mon-Fri 7pm, Ch9
Saddle up for the good, the bad and the ugly. Sheriff BB is in town and there’s a Wild Bunch up for nomination tonight.

It’s a new dawn after last week’s sad departure of Josh. Tonight we’re back to nominations and there WILL be an eviction this Sunday. Estelle, Ange and Sam are automatically up from last week’s delayed eviction. But there will be more. Tonight at least 6 of the 8 housemates will be up for nomination.

And we’re straight into the live show with Sonia Kruger. She tells us we’re entering a “Wild Frontier” and I’m sure that won’t be the only analogy in what looks like a boot scootin’, straight shootin kind of a week. Pardon me.

Josh has given Michael the superpower, but he doesn’t know it yet. I thought he knew everything? We’ll get to that… BB tells the housemates that the same nominees are up this week – Estelle, Ange and Sam.  But there will be at least 3 more joining them, possibly all housemates! Michael’s nonplussed. Ben has his poker face on and Layla starts freaking out.

Later in the kitchen, Ange is slathering a stack of butter on her cracker and the house is up in arms!
“that could feed an African family for 10 weeks” says Stacey.
“Don’t judge me.”
“If you cut a few things out of your diet you might lose some weight,” says a concerned Sam.
“But I am skinny.”

As they desperately try to save Ange from clogging her arteries, it becomes apparent they’re only really concerned about what food she’s eating of theirs.


And Zoe says she’s on the verge of snapping. She thinks she’s being horrible so that she can easily leave.. Michael thinks they’re all up for eviction. He jokes to Ange that she should take one for the team and nominate herself. She goes a bit mental. Let’s take that as a no.  Ange tells them about the butter incident inside and thinks Layla’s concern was only out of the fact that Ange can eat that much and still be skinnier than Layla. Ouch.

Later outside…

Zoe discusses her love for Michael with Ben. Zoe demonstrates how she would pash him. Very high school. She says she WANTS HIM. Ben says she should give in to her needs and admit she loves him. There’s no point denying it. They’re also sick of Estelle’s pouting face.

Layla, Diary Room.

She’s noticed a group forming between 3 people but she won’t name them. She thinks they’ve taken the role of leaders in the house.  We cut away to Zoe, Michael, Ben and Stacey lounging in bed, casually bitching about Layla’s drinking habits being just as bad as Ange’s aka ‘Frank’.

Back to Layla, and BB names the 3 people (Ben, Stacey, MIchael) without Layla saying anything. Ha.

Michael thinks someone unexpected will go on Sunday. Zoe thinks she’ll go and then they’ll be stuck with the ‘others’ – Layla, Sam, Estelle, Ange. Ben says he can’t cope with Sam being a housemate.

Sam, Diary Room

He’s looking forward to the nominations as it will give the house a shake up. There are too many clicks. He’d like to break up Stacey, Ben and Michael.

Josh may be gone, but this hasn’t stopped the girls talking about him. Ange asks Estelle hypothetically what would have happened if Ava had never ‘got wif’ Josh and if Ryan was still in the house. Estelle thinks she would have pashed them both most likely. Estelle puts it back on Ange and says she would have definitely got it on with Josh given the chance. Ange whole heartedly agrees.

Michael has a chuckle. He tells them he knows EXACTLY what Josh thought of them all and won’t tell them. “well that’s irrelevant then, if you’re not going to say anything” barks Ange.

Ange, Diary Room

She thinks there might be some ‘first timers’ up for nomination. She also feels like nominees are neglected.

Michael says anyone who focuses SO much on their appearance has something wrong with them. Eg. Sam. Michael says there are things HE obsesses about himself. He wishes he was better looking. “you’re a babe” fawns Zoe…

Estelle, Diary Room

Feels alone at times in the house. Hopes that new nominees will understand how she feels and perhaps appreciate their experience in the house more. Good point.

Zoe says she’s at the point where she’s ready to go. SAMES, says Stacey. She dances it out ‘stacey style’ and moons Zoe and Ben before bedtime. Bless her bare buns.

BB question for the house: What would you compare nominations to?

Layla: A job interview
Estelle: A job interview.
Angie: Standing in your underwear in front of everyone
Michael: vaccinations
Stacey: a Pregnancy test.

Michael montage about how much he misses Josh. How much he wants Estelle out. And we see his thoughts on everyone in the house. He really has no one to confide in now…

The Big Brother Class of 2012. A montage of the High School analogy that is the Big Brother house. Now, even the popular kids could be up for nomination.

We cross to the house live. They tell Sonia how beautiful she looks. Ange is relieved that she already knows she’s up, while Delilah apparently vomited up her bone on Stacey’s bed.

BB goes through the rules of tonight’s noms again. And that the superpower won’t be revealed until the end of noms… (Michael won’t know til he gets into the chamber)

Ben tells us he’s extremely nervous and needs to fart. BB tells him that’s TMI.

4 points, Layla. All she does is clean and make out with Sam
1 point, Zoe. Strategically, because she has the strongest chance to win BB.

3 points, Zoe. Strategically. She’s relatable; the country girl. She could win.
2 points, Layla. The same people who like Ange would like Layla, so strategically she is a threat in the competition.

3 points, Stacey. She’s a big personality. Too loud. Thrives off attention.
2 points, Layla. Flying under the radar. Not being true to her feelings.

3 points, Layla. She’s a bit moody. Puts herself down alot which is a drainer.
2 points, Michael. He’s closed off from learning from other people because he’s a genius. He thinks he knows it all.

3 points, Ben. Tactical vote. He’s the biggest threat to winning
2 points, Zoe. Has been protected by an alliance. The weakest player –  because she doesn’t have a role in the house.

2 points, Layla. Over competitive. She really wants it and he finds that unappealing.
3 points, Zoe. Uses him as a brunt for her anger. She’s angry at him for not loving her as much as she loves him.

BB tells Michael about his superpower but not actually what it is. He’s stoked, and says he would have done the same for Josh.

BB asks Layla why she was looking around the chamber. She points out there’s a big spider. BB informs her that 9 out of the 10 deadliest spiders in the world reside in Australia. Layla is horrified! BB assures her all wildlife has been ‘de-fanged’ and she is safe to nominate.

3 points, Ben. Strategy. His born leadership could out-do her.
2 points, Stacey. Strategy. Same reason. She’s part of the funny group

4 points, Stacey. Her jokes are at other people’s expense and tactless.
1 point, Michael. Last 24 hours his personality has changed and he’s put on a front to smooth things over and avoid nomination.

Here is the tally so far before Michael uses his superpower:

Angie – already nominated
Estelle – already nominated
Sam – already nominated
Layla 13 – new nom
Stacey 9 – new nom
Zoe 9 – new nom
Benjamin 6 – new nom
Michael 3

We see a promo for tomorrow night’s show. Big Brother’s Big Baby arrives and the biggest dummy spit ever.

Sonia speaks to the house live. She delivers the news that Josh gave the superpower to Michael. BB sends him to the Diary Room to find out the details. He has the ‘copycat’ power. He can cancel out another person’s nominations and make them the same as his. His Cheshire cat grin reveals all. He chooses Sam’s. He’s not even sure why… then he changes his mind. Estelle –  because she probably voted for him or Ben who he also likes.

Here are the final noms:

Angie – already nominated
Estelle – already nominated
Sam – already nominated
Layla 15 – new nom
Zoe 12 – new nom
Benjamin 6 – new nom
Stacey 5
Michael 2

BB speaks to the house live and tells them the nom news. Hugs all round. Ben is shocked! Zoe is not surprised. Ange hugs Layla but looks secretly happy.

Sonia tells us next Monday will be the final nomination night and that the Housemates won’t be the only ones nominating.. Interesting.

And Wednesday from 8pm, Big Brother’s “Little Sister” makes her onscreen debut.

And that is all! Thanks for reading. You can find me on twitter @whatCJsaw where we can talk all things BB.