Big Brother Australia FINAL WEEK – Mon-Wed 7pm, Ch9


Only 5 Housemates remain and tonight there will be a massive Double Eviction!


Sonia Kruger joins us live on stage. We’re told it’s all about the voting now guys. If you don’t vote for who you want to WIN, they’re out of the competition. The tallyboard on Sunday night saw the voting in this order:








Sonia tells us this has been chopping and changing all day and lines are now closed for tonight’s Double Eviction.


Post Sam eviction, Layla hugs Zoe and cries. Michael reminds her there are only 3 days til she’ll see him. Everyone’s a little bit excited that they’re still there!


Estelle, Diary Room

Felt overwhelmingly sick in the lead up. She has previously had an intuition about who was going. Estelle had no idea tonight.


Ben, Diary Room

Doesn’t think Layla is in love with Sam, but thinks she’ll miss her friend.


Layla, Diary Room

Misses Sam already! Didn’t want him to go. Awe. Sad Face. BB asks if Sam has stolen her heart. She laughs. “No…” She jokes around and says “No” while nodding yes.


Sam’s final message to the Housemates.

Michael, you’re inspirational and taught him a lot.

Estelle, awesome girl. Fair enough you’ve got 7 personalities..

Benjamin, rocky start, but loved every minute with you.

Zoe, beautiful person and one day you’ll find your Prince Charming.

Princess Layla, you know how he feels about you. Can’t wait to see what happens on the outside.


Tonight Michael and Estelle are now not hiding that they’re a couple. They’re now sleeping in the same bed.


It’s late night and Zoe whispers to Layla in the bathroom about the newest couple… They reckon they hooked up last night… Poor Zoe!


Who do they think’s going to win? The Housemates all seem to think Estelle. She’s been nominated every week and never evicted..




It’s early morning and Zoe’s sitting on her own outside, teary, reflecting on the Michael & Estelle situation…


Ben & Michael discuss the dramas over a weights session. Michael says he has no responsibility for a 24 year olds feelings. Ben thinks it’s a good thing for Michael. Michael stresses that after they leave the house nothing is going to happen. Ben doesn’t want to be piggy in the middle and torn between Zoe and Michael. He can feel Zoe’s pain and he’s trying to support her but has run out of things to say.


Estelle, Diary Room

Mentally Estelle is attracted to Michael. On paper they make sense to get on well she thinks. He has said some lovely things to her she says. (prepare to vomit) We flash back to them in bed together:

Michael: “I think you’re this amazingly beautiful, resilient, fantastic human and I want to be close to you…” Puke!


Montage time! Ben’s time to shine. Sam and Zoe think he might win. He says it’s one of the best things that’s ever happened to him.


“Here she comes to wreck the day!” sings Zoe, in front of everyone as Estelle makes her way outside… Zoe asks her what BB wanted to know. Estelle says “You and Michael. He says we need to communicate better”

“Is that because you’re moving in on my husband” Oooooh. The live crowd goes crazy!

Michael laughs and cringes.

Ben: “Michael’s worst nightmare is happening right now but I’m just going to enjoy it”

Awkward silence!

Ben: “Are you in love with Michael?”

Estelle: “no”

Zoe: “Do you want to kiss Michael?”

Estelle: “mmmm, no haha”

Zoe “Have you not tried previously?”

The inquisition continues… It’s crazy!

Estelle: “Do you actually love him?”

Zoe: “Would I have spent the last 8 weeks obsessing over him if not?”

Oh God this is a train wreck and Michael is dying…

Estelle: “I just want everyone to be cool…”

Zoe: “Then stick with Ryan.”

The live crowd racks up laughing. TOO GOOD Zoe. Bless your cotton socks…

Zoe crinkles her coke can with one hand. STRESS.


Michael, Diary Room

Michael re-enacts a BB fantasy conversation where he’s offered beer and KFC but politely declines in favour of lentils and water. He then continues the re-enactment where he discusses ‘Angry Zoe’… he thinks this is crazy that he has to worry about his ‘fake wife’


Layla and Zoe chat later. Layla thinks Estelle is hot, has no social skills, says things at the wrong time.


BB thought some private time with Estelle and Zoe in the nice corner might help patch things up… Chocolate and red wine are there to greet them. Zoe opens up about how she was initially upset. She felt ‘physically ill”. She now realises it’s none of her business. She heard Michael say something about there being sexual tension between him and Zoe. She freaked out that he might actually feel something for her and pulled away. Um, is that what happened?


Ben and Michael in bed.

Michael thinks it’s all unfair that he’s not allowed to hook up with Estelle in the same way that Layla hooked up with George and Sam. Ben thinks none of the girls in the house are suitable for him. Funny.


Estelle feels really bad now. She says she will walk away if it makes Zoe feel better. Estelle says they need to hug it out. Tim Tams and wine save the day. Thanks BB. Estelle goes back to the bedroom but doesn’t join Michael…


Sonia crosses live to the house to see how they’re feeling. Estelle’s still holding her pony and Ben’s still in his blue tracksuit! She tells them it’s a double eviction and Ben is freaking out. They all have their own superstitions and premonitions about who’s going to leave. Layla says she does care about the money but trying to stay focussed. Funny.


Sonia drags out the announcement for as long as painfully possible. Who’s safe? In no particular order, the housemate who’s received enough votes to go through to the finale: LAYLA. She starts flailing like a crazy person about to vomit.


Let’s find out who the first person is to leave tonight. It’s the point of no return. The least number of votes… it’s time to go: ZOE. Hugs, shock. They’ll see her in 2 days. The crowd starts chanting her name. Sonia welcomes her on stage.


Zoe says she can’t believe she’s there. She had a great time. She thinks Estelle might be in the lead to win. People start booing. Booing Estelle? Or booing Zoe? Unsure. Sonia talks about the awkward threesome relationship. MONTAGE time. What drew her to Michael? They’re just good mates she says. Funny, nice, kind. The last couple of days were tough, but they chatted about it and decided they’ll say friends on the outside.  She said she resolved things with Estelle and understands she’s a good person. Montage!


Zoe’s KFC So Good Moments:

3: Zoe has the hots for Michael

2: Gangsta Zoe with her braids

1: Horsing around


And the moral of the story… Everyone loves Zoe!


Zoe says she wants Benjamin to win. She wants him to have pure happiness!


Sonia crosses back to the house. 4 nervous housmates. And apparently there was a snake in the kitchen! Whaaaa? Crazy.


It’s now time to reveal who will be in the final 3 with Layla… In no particular order…. The housemate is ESTELLE. The crowd starts booing. Wow. This is a full on reaction!


So Benjamin or Michael are leaving… this is tragic! Sonia draaaaags it out over a commercial break… Ben is nervously laughing and crying… deep breaths… it’s time to go: MICHAEL. Ben is about to faint. Michael cheers. They all hug. Michael makes a run for the exit. They all yell and scream goodbye…. The final 3 hug.


Michael runs out on stage full of energy. We’re shown the final stats:



24% ?

23% ?

23% ?


ZOE 14%


Michael thinks his beloved Benjamin might be the winner. Sonia thinks Michael’s had one of the biggest personal changes in Big Brother history. We see a montage of his love/hate relationship with Estelle. Sonia wonders whether he’s copped the wrath of the ‘Stellahood’? We see the ‘strategic’ world of Michael. He’s hearing from the front row that he made a mistake by hooking up with Stella. He asks if he has any friends there? EEK. I think the crowd are being a bit rough. Was he himself in the house? He says he was put in situations he’s never been in before…


We see the love relationship of Josh and Michael, Awe, they were the good ol days.


Michael’s KFC top 3 moments:

3: The Shower Boys

2: Hide and seek mastermind

1: Bromance with Josh


Michael gets a final standing ovation…


And the tally so far:

33% ?

33% ?

34% ?


And now the final 3 are alone. Ben. Layla. Estelle. Probably the 3 housemates who never really liked eachother. Funny. It’ll be a LOOOONG couple of days for them.


Thanks for reading guys. Enjoy the final days of Big Brother.