Big Brother Australia – Sun 6:30pm, Mon-Fri 7pm, Ch9
It’s day 74 and housemates are woken up by unwelcome guests, TODAY’s Steve Jacobs and his camera crew beaming live to the nation, waking up the housemates in both the bedroom and captain’s quarters. This week’s task requires that housemates ignore unwelcome visitors to the house.

Stacey enters the diary room to find the remnants of a party in the diary room, as well as two passed out ninjas. Stacey needs to clean this up. To illustrate, I have included a screen grab…

Zoe and Layla are in the backyard, Zoe apologising for comments she had said previously that Sam could be with Layla only to better his position in the competition. Layla says that she is very gullible and oblivious in relationships and it had been playing on her mind. Zoe said that she had no malicious intent, and it was just a passing thought.

Stacey carries a pile of used, messy pizza boxes through the house from the diary room to the kitchen store room for Big Brother to dispose of.

Steve Jacobs is still in the house with the weather camera crew for the Today Show, heading from the Captain’s Quarters back to the backyard of the house. Big Brother interrupts the cross, alerting the unwelcome guests that it’s their time to leave. They continue to the backyard, where Sam, Stacey, Zoe and Layla are sitting.

Steve: “Just before we go, the challenge is over and Big Brother has said that you’re allowed to talk to us this morning, so say g’day to Australia everyone!” 

The housemates don’t budge. The crew leaves through the portal.

Michael and Benjamin’s night of luxury in the Captain’s Quarters is over as they pack up their belongings and return to the house.

Housemates are in the lounge room, where Big Brother is about to announce whether housemates have passed or failed this week’s unwelcome guests task. A giant panda bear appears through the task room door and enters the lounge with a ‘FREE HUGS’ sign hanging from its neck. Big Brother continues to deliver the verdict:

“Housemates, it was a very good effort, under trying conditions. However, Big Brother has noted multiple rule breaks from almost every single housemate. Housemates, you have failed this week’s task.”

Estelle pipes up: “We could have hugged our loved ones!” 

Housemates finish on a lighter resolve, saying that they all had fun during this week’s task.

Layla and Sam are in the kitchen.

Layla: “Is that jacket that Ben’s made really just to promote to save him?”

Layla’s still upset about Benjamin’s behaviour after nominations this week.

Benjamin is wearing his jacket and mucking around with Stacey in the backyard. Layla watches on from the kitchen.

Layla: “He’s a weirdo. – You’d never think he was 32 would you?”

In the backyard, Benjamin is chatting to Stacey about his nomination points.

Benjamin: “Out of nowhere I’m now nominated the most out of the house”

Back in the kitchen:

Layla: “He still hasn’t apologised.”

Sam: “I don’t think he’s going to.”

In the backyard, Benjamin is telling Stacey more about his nominations history and the current quietness from Layla.

In the kitchen, Layla says she has no time for Benjamin.


It’s a lazy afternoon in the house. Stacey, Zoe and Sam are in the kitchen. Stacey is cooking scrambled eggs. Benjamin has been back from the Captain’s Quarters for a few hours, but has yet to say anything to Layla. This is evident in the kitchen when Benjamin enters, and followed by Layla later on.

There is evident through the silence of Benjamin as he prepares food for himself, Layla not actually looking at him at all. Layla visits the diary room, telling Big Brother that she feels there is a bit of tension between herself and Benjamin.

Zoe, Benjamin and Stacey are joking about Stacey’s cooking and cleaning habits. There appears to be lipstick marks on the wooden spoon, which spirals on a light hearted conversation about how Stacey doesn’t properly clean the dishes. Stacey denies it, conceding that she cleaned the whole diary room this morning.

Benjamin visits the diary room, talking about how Layla has changed and feels that Layla may feel intimidated by him in terms of his humour or presence in the room.


Earlier today, Benjamin and Zoe were picking on Stacey about her cleaning habits. Stacey decides not to talk to anyone unless they’re going to speak to her nicely. Zoe says: “You can do all those things, you just can’t do them well”. Stacey goes to the lounge room to be alone.

Estelle visits the diary room, confused about Benjamin.

Estelle: “I think Benjamin and Layla are kind of, not on the best of pages and it would be interesting to see if they recover from whatever it is, because he is the first I’ve seen previously to say just the most lovely things but then I also see another side of him which is just really bitchy and he’s admitted himself that hes’s a compulsive liar…”

Benjamin invites Layla to ‘The Temple’, to have a well-needed chat.


Estelle and Michael are sitting together in the backyard stargazing and wondering what the view would be like from the moon, and just observing the universe. Estelle and Michael then walk together in each other’s arms back into the house.

Layla is in the diary room reflecting on the chat she had with Benjamin. Layla said that she appreciates that Benjamin invited her to have a chat, and she has forgiven and forgotten. One part of what Benjamin said was that Angie gave Layla the superpower because she idolised her, but Layla did not feel the same about Angie.

Sam and Layla are in bed and Sam says that he missed Layla while she was in the temple. Benjamin and Zoe are chatting about dealing with other housemates’ problems before their own.

What, it’s over already? I know! What a drainer!

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Meep ya’ later.