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Some pre-warning, there is going to be a fight in this episode. If you don’t want your brain to explode because the argument doesn’t make sense, please go and read a book.

Yes, Big Brother Australia’s first “fight” is coming up, *SPOILER ALERT* – Angie Vs Layla. Look forward to that.

Sam is in the backyard, doing pull ups hanging off the roof of the kitchen as part of his exercise routine. Layla, Zoe and Bradley look on in disbelief. Sam then does some pushups. Layla kindly asks Bradley to leave the room, as she has something to talk to Zoe about.

Layla: “I could just watch him all day, he’s my type, but, but, obviously um,

Zoe: “Do you think he’s good looking in the face?”

Layla: “He’s just my type… scar, just everything, he’s just the type of guy I’d go for, and it freaks me out a bit, cause I don’t wanna like him, I don’t want to fancy him.”

More shots of Sam running and exercising in the backyard follow. Lucky for you reader, you don’t have a visual – if that’s what you want, go watch the episode you pervert.

Zoe: “I said to Angie, I said, he’s open season, he’s open season, which means anyone can have a crack – you can’t specifically shotgun someone”

Layla: “Ohh yeah exactly. I think…”

Zoe: “Just because you shotgun him, doesn’t mean he’s gonna like you”

Layla: “I think everything happens for a reason (sic), I think he’s method to the madness of my head fancying him, but not exactly to hook up with him. I think it’s a good thing, a good thing for me”

Josh and Angie have spent the night together in the Captain’s Quarters after succeeding in this week’s Captain’s Challenge.

Angie piles on the salt as she joins Josh tucking into a luxury breakfast served by Big Brother.

Benjamin, Layla and Zoe are talking about Angie in the lounge room.

Zoe: “Ange, um, I find for me she tends to tie off one person and she becomes a manipulator…”

Benjamin: “More like an influencer…”

Zoe: “Right, well I’ll say manipulator, not a bad manipulation but she manipulates people to see her side of sides of these things”

Benjamin: “She tends to go to negative conversations, and when she gets to negative conversations she’ll say almost grandeur statements but then make it sound like you agree with her and at the end of the conversation she goes ‘we think this’. And it’s like, I haven’t agreed with anything you’ve said I just didn’t feel the need to address you at the points where you said things I didn’t agree with.”

Josh and Angie are leaving HMAS BB, greeted warmly by housemates in the pool.

In the bedroom, George is talking to Bradley and Josh. George asks who they think Sam is going to hook up with first. Josh says Angie.

George: “I reckon there’s a fight between Angie, Layla and Estelle.” Nice pickup there George… there’s another revenue stream: first BB housemate to see the future, you could make millions, literally, millions. 😉

Bradley adds that there was talks last night, where Sam said that he’s not too keen on them at this point, George adding that he said that he would hook up with all of them. Bradley is going to give it a week for Sam to mack on with one of the girls, if he hasn’t by Wednesday, Bradley does not think it’ll happen.

Housemates are playing in the pool. Sam, Estelle and Angie are having a 3-person piggy back in the pool, Benjamin assists as Sam lifts the two girls up in the pool.

All housemates are in the lounge, former BB4 housemate Fitzy and Nova co-host Wippa are on screen from their Nova studio, ready to inform the housemates whether they have passed or failed this week’s task.

Fitzy: “The decision is in… and…”

Wippa: “It’s only gonna go one of two ways…pass or fail”

Fitzy: “We have to tell you the decision is…”

Wippa: “We’ll be back…”

Fitzy: “No it’s not The Voice, we can tell them now, the decision is…failed”

Housemates have failed this week’s Big Brother radio task, and will be living on a staple shopping budget this week.

This week Stacey topped a Facebook fans poll as the housemate most worthy of a prize for her contribution to the house.

Big Brother: “Stacey, it has been decided you should have something… good”

Stacey: “Really?” 

Big Brother: “Beside you is a DVD player which contains the movie… The Notebook.”

Stacey is shocked and incredibly happy about her reward.

Stacey: “This is amazing! Is there a catch?”

Big Brother: “Only one”

Stacey’s mood changes ever so slightly, with a very revealing “ohh”.

Big Brother: “You must, kick back, relax and enjoy the movie.”

Stacey has been given chips, popcorn, Nutella and a nice drink.

The housemates are in the BBQ area, George offering a game of ‘Truth Or Dare’ to the housemates.

Layla’s up first, and she has chosen to go with a dare. George whispers into Angie’s ear a suggestion of a dare, but the subtitle is covered by a NW super promo in the lower third of the screen – nice one Channel 9. Angie thinks it’s a bad idea but says that George can still do it. Layla interrupts: “Angie shut up! George, go on”.

George dares Layla to hook up with Sam. Layla acts surprised and nervous. Sam plants one on her, as well as Zoe, and then Estelle.

I’m thinking of a word that starts with ‘P’, and ends with ‘r’. Yes, ‘player’! Nice work Sherlock Holmes!

Angie asks George whether he will choose truth or dare, Angie asks George:

Angie: “At the bottom of your heart, did you or did you not feel hurt at all, seeing Layla hook up with Sam”

George: “No because I set the dare”

Layla pipes up to Angie: “Why would it hurt? Me and George aren’t goin’ out with each other – when we discussed what was right for both of us at the start of what happened – So, whatever.”

Angie is getting a bit catty, Estelle offers up a truth or dare.

Angie: “Of course, dare” 

Estelle: “George and Angie, pash!”

Angie is refusing to kiss George because of his connection with Layla.

Angie: “I’m just saying, I don’t know what the,”

Estelle: “Layla just kissed…”

Angie: “No no no, what I’m saying is I don’t know what people’s upbringings, values, morals are – if my friends kiss someone, I don’t kiss them, end of story”

Layla: “Okay hang on a minute. Here’s a question: I just hooked up with Sam, will you never kiss Sam now?”

Angie’s face tells it all, she says “Umm, that’s…”, Angie can’t answer the question properly and is aware of the sticky situation she’s just put herself in.

Layla: “No difference, there’s no difference!”

Angie never answers the question and tries to brush it off with another housemate going to do a truth or dare.

George asks a separate question in front of the group to Sam. “You’ve kissed all of the girls here, who is the best kisser?”

Angie: “Out of the three of them.”

Sam: “I’ll say Layla”

Stacey’s missed all the action outside, she’s been watching her movie prize.

Big Brother asks Stacey in the diary room how many times she has seen ‘The Notebook’.

Stacey: “Um, probably the same amount as any woman in the world that has seen ‘The Notebook’ – about 248 times”

Big Brother: “That’s very good Stacey.”

Stacey: “I love you”

Big Brother: “Likewise.”

Stacey: “Tell me that you love me!”

Big Brother: “This is all moving very quickly Stacey.”

Stacey: “It’s Ryan Gosling, he’s ruffled my feathers.”

Big Brother: “Understood.”

Stacey’s just left the diary room and has discovered the kissing game that has been going on outside.

Layla takes Stacey to the backyard bathroom.

Layla: “Sam had to say out of all the girls in the house, who is the best kisser… and he picked me!”

Angie said she wouldn’t kiss Sam, but she’s not the odd one out for long. Angie joins Sam in the kitchen.

Sam and Angie share a gross kiss in the kitchen. This lasts for a while, enough to cause a hickey to develop over the course of the episode.

Sam: “What happened to your morals?”

No response from Angie.

Sam and Layla are in the backyard talking at 12:03AM.

Sam’s worried that the truth or dare game may have started something.

Layla and Angie are in the bathroom, Angie impolitely asks Layla a question while brushing her teeth. It’s about to kick off ladies and gentlemen, and there’s still 8 minutes left of this episode!

Angie: “What the hell was that about?” (It was muffled by her teeth-brushing, she couldn’t have waited ’til she’s finished brushing)

Layla: “I genuinely don’t know what you’re talking about – Are you going on about me and Sam?”

Angie: “No. I just want to know why you are being all weird. – Having a real heart to heart with people and not talking to me at all.”

Layla: “I’m not having any heart to heart with anyone.”

Angie: “You haven’t talked to me in in like… five hours… properly.”

Layla: “Yeah I have!”

Angie: “Properly.”

Layla: “Yeah I have! Like what though?”

Angie: “What were you talking about just then?”

Layla: “I’m not…”

Angie: “Huh?”

Layla: “Like he thinks this is going to be awkward tomorrow now because we all pashed on. I was like ‘this is a normal truth or dare session in the Big Brother house’ but he doesn’t understand so I’ve had to explain to him tonight that this is nothing. And he was like ‘oh no but I’m…(sic).”

Angie: “I think it will cause issues – I think that you and George might say you are what you are but I think there is more to it”

Layla: “More to what?”

Angie: “Well like think about it Layla, like just, for one second… you guys broke up and I know that you guys…”

Layla: “We didn’t break up because there was nothing to break up”

Angie looks away as if she doesn’t want to have the discussion, clearly she does though.

Layla: “What?”

Angie: “We’ll have this conversation another time”

Layla: “No no, we’re having it now”

Angie: “You’re getting too defensive”

Layla: “No I’m not, I’m just being my own person” 

Estelle comes in, this is just what we need.

Estelle: “I’ll be the adjudicator”

Angie: “Let’s not do this, this is not a debate, this does not need an adjudicator”

Estelle: “No no, Angie you’re not going, come here”

Angie continues to say that it is not a debate, Estelle is being this annoying kid trying to sort it all out.

Layla: “Angie! What are you doing?”

Angie: “Chill the hell down women!”

Angie is walking out of the bathroom and into the lounge.

Layla: “Oh wow this is weird…”

Angie: (in the lounge) “Wow”

Estelle: (in the bathroom as Layla walks toward the lounge door) “What happened? Is there more going on… what? What is happening?”

Layla enters the lounge to find Angie bitching at a confused Stacey and Zoe.

Layla: “Angie! Why don’t you tell me instead of coming in here?”

Angie: “Why would you get so defensive towards me when I’m trying to say my sentence?”

Layla: “I am far from defensive, because I’ve got nothing to defend myself about.”

Angie: “You are yelling you’re raising your voice and you’re attacking me”

Layla: “How am I attacking you? – Oh my god this is ridiculous”

Estelle walks into the bedroom and says to Sam: “do not kiss anyone”.

Sam is confused and asks “why?”. Estelle says “one second, everyone’s fighting one second!” and skips her way into the lounge room to hear the argument going down.

Angie: “Layla just said she doesn’t think anything that was done tonight will affect tomorrow’s behaviour”

Layla: “Yeah,”

Estelle butts in, I couldn’t hear what she said – it was pretty worthless anyway.

Angie: “That right there, mid-conversation, jump in”

Layla: “Hang on a minute”

Angie: “Okay”

Layla: “I did never say anything about anyone or talk about anyone because I never ever talk about me, right, listen to this – tonight why would it have an impact on tomorrow, if there wasn’t anything more to it?”

Angie: “Yeah”

Layla: “This is me standing up for me!”

Angie: “Okay”

Layla: “No-one else in this house. And no making me feel like a weirdo because I never even just said anything”

Angie: “Oh, my god, I said three words in a normal tone and stuff just hit the fan.”

Layla walks off into the bathroom, Stacey follows along.

Angie: (bitchy) “I’m sorry did I do something wrong there?”

We cross into an ad break. I usually keep ad breaks unmarked but it may be necessary here.

Angie and Layla are in the backyard at 12:42AM. Angie is in the pool, and Layla has just come over to talk to Angie about the situation.

Layla: “What’s on your neck?”

Angie: “I, I got a burn”

Layla: “No that side.”

Angie: “Yeah, well whatever”

Layla: “What is it?”

Angie: “I don’t wanna talk about it”

Layla: “What is it?”

When Sam kissed Angie in the kitchen, he left a calling card on her neck.

Stacey enters the backyard wondering if Layla’s laughing or fighting.

Layla: (to Angie) “Why would you not answer that question?”

Angie: “Right now you’re talking at me, not with me, there’s no conversation happening”

At the same time, Layla says: “You’ve got the biggest hickey on your neck, ever – You’ve got a huge hickey on ya’ neck”

Stacey: “How did ya’ get a hickey?”

Layla: “It’s massive”

Angie: “Do you want to keep going? Why don’t you come at me Layla, you know what I’ve done the mature thing and walked away, do you wanna have a go at me, have a go at me.” – At the same time Angie is TERMINATOR walking out of the pool like a real ghetto thug. Stacey follows Angie trying to cop a sight of her hickey. Estelle’s walking over like she is needed in the argument, she’s not but whatever.


Big Brother booms into the house: “THIS IS BIG BROTHER, ANGIE TO THE DIARY ROOM.”

At the same time, Angie: “Yeah Big Brother open up!”

Angie grabs a towel and walks inside and into the diary room.

Stacey, Estelle and Layla are trying to come to terms with the situation.

Estelle: “We have to try to stop this…”

Layla: “What is she doing to me?”

Stacey: “What was that on her neck? Is that a hickey?”

Layla: “I said does she have a hickey and she flipped.”

Stacey: “Is that from George?”

Layla: “I don’t know.”

Angie is walking into the diary room, as she walks in she announces: “Get me out”

Angie: “Get me out.”

Estelle, Layla and Zoe are in the bathroom discussing the events.

Layla: “All I want to do in this house, and I’ve done my three pointers for the week – One, I’ve sorted it out with George, me and him are friends, we’ll always stay friends, Two, just try and tell Angie how I feel, Three, was make a relationship and try and form a stronger relationship with you (Estelle) as I can and I’ve not kinda got to three yet because I’ve not had a chance.”

Estelle walks over to hug with Layla. Zoe celebrates because she’s wanted this. A group hug follows.

Layla: “Yeah I’ve not even told ya’ – And I’ve not had a chance to tell you and because I’ve been so preoccupied with number two.”

Angie is in the diary room talking to Big Brother.

Angie: “Call me stupid but I actually felt like some of these people were like, like my family.”

Angie has told Big Brother that she wants to leave the house.

Angie: “But I also know that by continuing along this path if it plays out worst case scenario then, I will have to fight tooth and nail for my dignity, morals and values to be brought back to me. I’ll have to explain myself to people I don’t want to have to explain myself to and I’ll have to put myself through so much worse things then if I just walk away.”

Big Brother: “But you don’t want to walk away”

Angie: “Yeah I know that, you know that.”

Big Brother: “Angie, Big Brother has a 24/7 duty of care to all housemates and would never ever ignore a housemate in distress or need, that means physically or psychologically.”

Angie: “Okay.”

Big Brother: “Angie, come back to the diary room if you need anything whatsoever.”

Angie: “Thank you Big Brother.”

Angie walks out of the diary room and into the bathroom. Stacey and Layla are talking about the hickey they saw on Angie’s neck. Stacey said she saw teeth marks.

Layla: (to Stacey) “and I asked her…”

Angie butts in: “Yeah I know what you asked me, you don’t need to talk about it.”

Housemates in the bathroom before Angie’s return are Benjamin, Zoe, Layla, Stacey, Estelle and Michael – all being briefed on the situation.

Zoe: “You okay?”

Angie: “You can continue talking if you want Layla”

Layla: “Okay”

Angie: “Go for gold”

Layla: “Okay, so, I asked you if…”

Stacey: “And then I watched ‘The Notebook'” (to try to change the topic because that situation was very awkward).

Angie sets up a bed in the lounge behind the couch. She’s got her teddy bear, and she is crying.

Finally it’s over! That was a full transcript of events that went down (that was shown on the program). There is an extended version of the fight in two parts on the Big Brother website, where you will see raw (slightly) footage of the argument.

That’s a wrap for another short (but VERY eventful!) Friday episode of Big Brother!

Be sure to save your favourite housemate from eviction this week – Estelle, Bradley and George are up for the chop on Sunday night, who goes? You decide!

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I’ll be back Sunday night for the Big Brother eviction!

Ciao for now!