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Coming up! Housemates are not comfortable with the Estelle and Ava relationship. Surprise surprise!

Michael and Zoe are in the Captain’s Quarters, assessing the groups in the house. Michael believes that Estelle is alienating herself.

Benjamin, Bradley, Angie and Josh are in the bedroom, Estelle had left half of the double bed she shares with Angie unmade, and only made her side of the bed.

Michael chats to Zoe in the Captain’s Quarters, he says that George is quite boring.

Ray is talking about chocolate milk again, when talking about the ‘yes/no’ task with Ava and Estelle and his daily feasts and the unfortunate vom incident.

Angie asks Benjamin if he’s had a chat to Estelle about the Ava situation, Benjamin has said that he’s had chats, but nothing major or groundbreaking. Angie says that she has been meaning to chat to her about it.

The house is still talking about Estelle, Josh says that nobody actually knows which Estelle they’re going to get. Zoe says that she thinks it’s great that Estelle and Ava have each other, Josh feels that it is going to be detrimental to Ava in the competition for Estelle to be so stuck onto her.

Housemates have been told that they have successfully passed this week’s animal documentary task. Each housemate gets $40 each to spend on luxury food items which should last them the week.

Estelle pulls Benjamin aside to confront him about breaking her down. Benjamin warns Estelle that Ava is being hogged by her, and no other housemates are having an opportunity to get to know her. Ava just sits there saying “oh no she’s not doing anything” waaa waa waa. Estelle is telling Benjamin that she feels she is being personally attacked by Benjamin all the time, and she does not want to lower herself by quoting what he has said about her. Estelle just cries, and her face goes pretty red.

(I wanted to make these recaps impartial so you can make up your own opinion about the housemates, but I’m quickly going to add my bit on the side – I think it’s cool that Estelle and Ava get along so well, and Estelle has someone to be best friends with – totally cool. The problem that Benjamin, as well as the other housemates have with the Ava + Estelle friendship is that Estelle has stopped Ava from bonding with other housemates from the moment she entered the main house. Estelle is usually within 1 metre of Ava).

Shopping budget time! Housemates have forgotten to order tofu for vegetarian housemate Ava. Angie explains the situation with Ava, offering to visit Big Brother to negotiate provisions of tofu, Estelle interjects and then Angie and Estelle bicker about not being able to talk without each other talking over one another. Big Brother allows housemates to trade off some luxury food items for tofu for Ava.

The housemates aren’t so happy that the Tim Tams have been forfeited.

The chat room is open again! Benjamin suggests that Angie go into the chat room with Estelle. Angie wanted to chat to her about her friendship with Ava. They both talk over each other a lot. Angie says that there should be no division in the house, Estelle says that division is inevitable. Angie wants to open the doors to welcome Estelle and Ava into the rest of the group. Estelle says that she knew the whole time about the issues other housemates had with her and knows that other housemates think she is oblivious to everything. Estelle is thankful to Angie for caring.

That’s a wrap for another short Friday episode of Big Brother! Be sure to save your favourite housemate from eviction this week – Estelle, Ray and Angie are up for the chop on Sunday night, who goes? You decide!

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I’ll be back Sunday night for the Big Brother eviction!

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