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Tonight on Big Brother: Ben declares there is another house, and who needs democracy? George delivers a chocolate gift for Layla smuggled out of the Captain’s Quarters, Layla confuses George and decides not to chat. And Josh finds the house intensifies upon Ray’s return from the Captain’s Quarters.

Housemates were woken up this morning by heavy metal sounds booming into the bedroom. Stacey performs her air band routine.

In the bedroom, Bradley points out to Estelle that it’s their 1-week anniversary of their first kiss. This kid is now getting possessive.

Ray and George tuck into a luxury breakfast in the Captain’s Quarters, meanwhile the main house is dealing with a basic breakfast. Sarah feels like having some baked beans, and irrationally arks up at Estelle when rationing out the baked beans between them.

George and Ray have returned from the Captain’s Quarters. George has smuggled a Lindt chocolate from the Captain’s Quarters for Layla, who had previously overheard George talking about her, as well as his on/off girlfriend on the outside.

In a conversation with Bradley in the kitchen, Estelle says that she thinks that Sarah has some issues with her, because Sarah has been snapping at Estelle. This would mainly be as a result of the baked beans sitch earlier in the day.

Yesterday, Zoe had revealed that she no longer has time for Ray, and makes this very obvious upon Ray’s return to the house. When Ray disappears from the lounge, Josh and Benjamin talk about the tense feelings they feel in Ray’s presence. “I felt the mood just intensify”, Josh points out. Benjamin reminds us that Ray has “got the presence of five people”.

Angie and Layla are in the BBQ area talking about Layla’s relationship with George. Angie believes that Layla should be careful. Layla isn’t sold on the relationship and has decided to put a block on any feelings she has towards George.

A new House 1 v. House 2 challenge is up. Both houses (House 1 & imaginary House 2) have been tasked with painting group portraits. The housemates were given a camera to take a snap of their work to be uploaded onto the Official Big Brother Australia Facebook page. The winner will be decided by the public, the photo with the most amount of ‘Likes’. Well, this is what the housemates think.

Benjamin is struggling with the artistic amateurs he’s dealing with, trying to coordinate the painting task as “Head of Household 1”. Stacey and Benjamin have a quick sidelines chat through the kitchen window. They express their irritation with Estelle among the other inexperienced artists. Sarah is called over, Stacey concerned that her portrait is going to be squished and left until last. Sarah says that Estelle needs to be taken away, far, far away. I wouldn’t complain with that.

Brushes down, housemates look at their final piece of ar… ahem, final painting. Benjamin likens himself to Ernie, from “Bert and Ernie” from the children’s program, “Sesame Street” (FYI for those uncultured to children’s TV). “House 2” wins the painting challenge.

Housemates in the real house are worried that the win was based on popularity, not the quality of the… “art”.

Josh visits the diary room, and says that he finds the House 1/House 2 situation to be helpful in keeping him grounded. He is concerned that house 2 may be stealing his airtime, which could work against him in the competition.

The roller doors open and Big Brother gives housemates in the real house the opportunity to see house 2’s artwork. The housemates can now understand why House 2 won.

Sarah visits Big Brother. She talks about how she feels as if “Estelle must have everything the way Estelle wants”. Looks like both Sarah and Estelle feel the tension between them.

It’s time for the final House 1 vs. “House 2” challenge. Housemates are given the task of guessing the housemate’s ages from the opposing house’s painting. House 1 wins this challenge. Benjamin does a celebratory run around the back yard to update the house scores.

Benjamin is talking to Sarah in the backyard, after looking at the painting from “house 2”. He says that the housemates need to be more motivated and empowered in order to win, and wants to convince housemates that house 2 is definitely real.

All housemates are in the kitchen. Bradley recounts his first crush on a girl at school. To keep it short: he basically stalked her. He also made a card for her on the computer with a loser poem.

Benjamin thinks it might just be time to rally the troops to be motivated and follow him as their “Head of Household 1”. Benjamin declares that “House 2” is definitely real and he refuses to continue as HOH if other housemates deny its existence. Estelle makes a comment that it is no longer a democracy, and Benjamin is totally cool with that.

The show closes with George and Layla in bed next to each other. Layla says to George: “I don’t want to talk to you”, George clearly confused.

That’s it for Friday’s half-hour episode you may have missed because you were out partying or, living life… Or whatever people do.

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