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Tonight on Big Brother: Michael tears up, Brad realises he has no friends, and Sam keeps his options open.

Srambo is busy sweeping when the bagpipes(!) wake up the rest of the HMs. Perhaps he is playing them out his arse? He seems to have take up where Charne (pronounced SHAR-NEY) left off. Brad doesn’t clean. Brad doesn’t anything.

Queens Ben & Stacey have taken to discussing how Mr Potato Head (Srambo) is coping with the house. Charm charm.

Mikey is catching up with BB talking about who he thinks will make the end. He hopes he’s there. He all but begs BB to make it happen.

Group hugs for $1? A BARGAIN! The HMs are still trying to spend all their cash, which with one hug they manage to do and pass this week’s task. Delilah looks particularly impressed. It means a luxury food budget is now available, though in chatting with BB Angie shares that she knew if she didn’t hang up on her Dad earlier in the week that it would have meant repercussions. REPERCUSSIONS.

Boo-hoo, Angie. They still all hate you – it doesn’t matter how much “zen” you wanted to get back. “I’m such a calm and rational and bubbly person on the outside, and this week hasn’t reflected that at all.” Or your entire time in the house, biatch.

All the HMs are waiting in the kitchen for Angie, and during so Ben pulls Josh aside so that (basically) he gets whatever he wants. He doesn’t trust the girls, and given their form why should they? They all notice Angie has been crying, and she disappears into the larder and has a cry with Estelle. Benjamin can’t help himself and has to put his ear up to the door to listen in.

He won’t let it go either – when Angie surfaces with the board and letter he pushes her to say why she was crying.

Ben continues to bitch about the shopping process to brad while Josh, Angie and Estelle sort out the list. Angie thinks the shopping was the best time yet with only the three involved.

Ben is resting behind the couch and Angie hunts him out to tell him how she feels about being nominated again. Dr Ben the pseudo-psychologist is in session. “I’m not being me,” she mopes. Because there’s limited time on the Daily Show it’s all drama, drama, drama on Friday nights.

Having never met or spoken with Angie’s Dad, Ben assures her that the advice he offers is “exactly what your Dad would say to you too”. His ego knows no bounds, though he does offer to cry in the bathroom with her should she need it.

Srambo is in the pool and talking with Layla, who is sitting on the edge. He asks how she feels if he went home, and he tells her he’d love to travel once he’s out of the house. Layla tells him he’d love the UK because “it has the hottest girls there”, and Srambo returns serve and tells her all about this really hot chick he used to work with. Well, she walked into that.

Naturally, Layla recounts the story to Stacey and Zoe, and naturally she’s the victim. Which Stacey and Zoe agree with her on.

Family dinner time: Brad, Mikey, Srambo & Angie are preparing dinner. They discuss why they think they’ve been nominated. Brad’s thoughts are gold: “People would nominate me because I’m kind of a dick and I say some stupid comments – no one’s going to disagree with me on that.” Mikey thinks people don’t like him because he’s a bit of a know-it-all, while he licks his hands from food prep and doesn’t wash them before he starts into the prep again.

In a bold move, the four then move onto discussing why they think the OTHERS who are nominated might be singled out by the other HMs. It’s brutal and two steps away from them having an all out fight about it, but far enough away it feels kinda mature.

Family Dinner is done, but story time continues. Srambo shares his achievements on the football field as a kid. Brad admits he was a sucky soccer player but somehow managed one game to run goal to goal and missed entirely – but his parents were very supportive. Stacey danced in the ‘single girl ballroom dancing’ category.

Michael has been called to the Diary Room to receive a message from his brother Daryl & his other brother Daryl. Mikey tears up even thinking of it. His “real Big Brother” gives him a wonderful message about how everyone but him misses him. There’s the suitable amount of schmaltz though and we leave Michael to his tears.

Brad tells some of the huddled masses how he was on the edge of tears when he was nominated with the most votes. Cut back to Michael telling BB how he didn’t expect to miss his family as much as he does, even though he never saw them much before and it’s only been two months in the House to start with.

It’s a cathartic cry as much as anyone else, and it allow all of us to release a little tension.