Summer’s coming. You can smell it. Or feel it, depending on if you’ve already been caught in a summer storm. With summer comes a raft of content that the channels have been keeping under their hats – either because they think it’s not strong enough, or because it couldn’t find a place in their schedule because they’re showing too much Two and a half Men. Either way, shows like Better With You get a run!

It’s a lighthearted new comedy series about three very different couples in one happy family. They laugh, they over-share, they laugh, they have awkward moments, they laugh. It’s a sitcom – what were you expecting – Anna Karenina?! The release reads:

Better With You explores the dynamics that drive three distinctive couples: one unmarried but in a happy, long-term relationship; one a new relationship that suddenly hears wedding bells; and a couple who have a new take on life after 35 years of marriage.

The series stars JoAnna Garcia (Gossip Girl), Jennifer Finnigan (Crossing Jordan), Josh Cooke (Scrubs), Jake Lacy (Guiding Light), Kurt Fuller (Desperate Housewives) and Debra Jo Rupp (That ’70s Show).

Maddie (Finnigan) and Ben (Cooke) have been dating for nine years. They know each other inside out and theirs is a relationship marked by contentment and affection. They see their commitment to one another as a “valid life choice”, something they proclaim often and loudly.

Maddie’s younger sister Mia (Garcia) has been dating Casey (Lacy) for seven weeks. With a shared c’est la vie attitude, Mia and Casey are smitten with each other and thrilled to explore the oh so many things they don’t know about each other yet. But when they announce they are getting married and having a baby, it’s news that throws Maddie for a loop.

Surprisingly though, the girls’ parents Vicky (Rupp) and Joel (Fuller) couldn’t be happier about it. Married 35 years, they have recently adopted a “seize the day” type of attitude, much like Mia’s, mostly due to getting older and losing a good portion of their savings when the economy tanked.

With three contrasting relationships tightly intertwined in one family, can they form a united front or will their differences get the better of them? That’s the eternal question at the heart of Better With You – a sitcom of finely honed wit and astute observations that anyone in a relationship will relate to.


Better With You: starts Wed 01/12 8.00pm, Ch9
Image/Video source: ABC.