Contractual obligations aside, Hamish & Andy’s Gap Year series two delivered a strong result for Channel 9 and the boys returning to Australia to deliver a two part series across Australia & New Zealand to see out the ratings year in the Sunday night Big Brother slot will be a smart move (though they are unlikely to beat Sunday Night). Still – self-deprecating fun! From the press release:

Hamish and Andy love nothing more than a good ol’ fashion adventure – a passion that has seen them spending years lifting up the most far-flung corners of the globe. But one region has escaped their unskilled eye … until now.

In two 90-minute specials on Channel Nine (Sunday, November 11, and Sunday, November 18, at 6.30pm) Hamish and Andy will rev up the old caravan and courageously drive the length of New Zealand and the breadth of Australia to compare and contrast the people and places that make our region so unique. And then, in a very unscientific manner, they will pick a winner.

Hamish says: “We can already tell it’ll be a close contest. Hopefully not too close though. I’m not quite sure what we’ll do if it goes into extra time.”

As self-appointed judges, Hamish and Andy will see the very best that Australia and New Zealand have to offer. Viewers will be treated to important cultural experiences like a Captain Cook re-enactment group, a bee beard, the world’s steepest street, a nude rugby club, sheep racing, and a very troublesome homemade hovercraft.

“Between the raw beauty of the New Zealand countryside, the untouched grandeur of the Australian desert and the unthinkable depths of Hamish’s stomach, this is one of the most memorable trips we’ve been on yet,” says Andy.

They will leave no stone unturned, no person un-met, and no stupid challenge left unattempted on this 10,000km Caravan of Courage that will settle the burning question of trans-Tasman rivalry once and for all.