We are down to the bone here, only 24 hours away from the final episode and the winner of $250k and BB 2012. Which means this episode features three housemates bored out of their brains and in a zombie-like trance for most of it.
So not much happens really.
In the wake of last night’s shock double eviction, where we saw Zoe and Michael become evictees 11&12 respectively, the final three are left reeling from the realisation that they now have a 30% chance of taking away the top prize and a bucket load of cash.
Amidst all the excitement, an unwelcome intruder makes his slithery way into the kitchen, much to the squealing horror of Layla; Michael’s 192 IQ comes in handy as he identifies the “yellow belly black” (yes, definitely a yellow belly black because it is black with a yellow belly) and the not so friendly visitor is soon wrangled out of the grounds as the housemates gather in the living room for Michael’s pending eviction. (That was the exciting part, sorry- it’s gone now)
It’s all a bit much for Estelle, whose emotions are running high, and the tears flows freely as she hides in the kitchen.
While she has some time out, Layla and Ben discuss their confusion over Estelle still being in the house and how she has done little to change her habit of talking over people.

Ben says he’s looking forward to a) seeing if he has won and b) watching Estelle ride off into the sunset with a passing wave.
As the final three sit down to eat with a glass of red, they share their surprise at being left.
Ben tells the girls that he is thrilled to be there, and thrilled to be sharing it with them, but also thrilled that they only have to share 24 hours and not a whole week.
Housemates get to watch Zoe & Michael’s farewells, and Zoe’s goodbye to Estelle is a very honest, caring and a tribute to Estelle’s genuine niceness; as is Michael’s.
I do like that these farewells give the housemates an opportunity to put aside the BS, the bitching, the stress and pressure of living in a fishbowl of strangers, and leave positive messages that express love and kindness.
BB chats to each final housemate, again sharing the shock and disbelief to be in the final three.
While Layla chats in the diary room, Dr Ben takes the final opportunity to do some therapy with Estelle. Ben admits to his past mistakes to clear the air.
The next morning, Senor BB wakes the HMs with a little Spanish as the reality of the final day and night in the house sinks in. Ben, Layla and Estelle sit in the kitchen and reminisce over their time in the house and the antics all the housemates got up to in the kitchen, from hiding food to dish duty.
Later, while chatting in the bathroom, Ben reveals how Surly never spoke to him- and seconds later Surly joins in.
Surly surprises Ben with a little gift in his drawer, and Ben reads out a letter from his love. While Surly tells Estelle he thought she would have been gone weeks ago, she also gets a letter from her Mum, and Layla from her family. Shortly after, Surly says his final goodbye. Dawwwww.
The housemates continue their little memory lane stroll, first in the garden, then in the bedroom, sharing stories of their housemates gone before them.
Aaaaaaannnd this goes on for the rest of the show. Possibly worst recap ever but it is what it is. The last 24 hours in the BB house, with some lovely housemates who don’t do much without their other funny penguins to join them en masse in performing. I do miss Stacey.
I could relay all the dialogue that was exchanged but I think it mostly went summat like: “BRAIRNS! BRAAAAAAAIRRNS!”

*Summat: pronounced “suh-matt” , which is Oop North for “something” (in Layla language)
*Brairns: Layla for “brains”