Ever since Adam Boland handed over the reigns of Sunrise, there’s been discontent. From an outsiders view the Network weren’t really using him as best they could. And then there was that icky legal issue, leaving me to wonder “why are my Network dad and mum fighting?” It seems, like all families, the passing of time and passive-aggressive lawsuits heal all wounds. The kissing and the making up. The thought of Adam developing and pitching his own shows can only be a good thing, too.

It does however leave an interesting question – are Channel 10 now going to re-develop their morning line up, as was rumoured with Warburton heading there next year Boland would follow. Not now, I guess. From the press release:

The Seven Network today announced that Adam Boland will be returning to the Network in a full-time position as Director of Social Media and Strategy. He will also develop some pilot programmes for the Network.

“I am pleased that this matter has been successfully resolved. Now, let’s kick a few goals,” said Peter Meakin, Director of News and Public Affairs. “Adam’s creative spark won’t be lost to Seven’s morning television programmes either, on which he will work as a consultant.”

Adam Boland said: “From time to time, families bicker. But the reality is, I’ve always considered the people at Seven to be more than colleagues. I’m excited to again be given new challenges. I want to get back to having fun while working on what I see as new frontiers.”

Boland has withdrawn his legal action against the Network.