CJZ have been looking for a vehicle for Tom Ballard to host (rightly so) for 12 months now and this looks to be a great fit. Certainly a great replacement for a missing Gruen in 2014… and if it is as successful as I suspect the shows would make a great pigeon pair in 2015. From the press release:

Lifting the lid on the juggernaut that is ‘Reality TV’ to give viewers a look inside is Reality Check, ABC’s new 8 x 30 minute studio entertainment series.

We may froth about Game Of Thrones and True Detectives, but for all the social media noise, those shows are not what the public is really watching. No. They’re glued to ordinary people competing for TV prizes, for the promise of love, fame, riches, a new career, a different life…

Hosted by comedian Tom Ballard and co-produced by CJZ and ABC TV, Reality Check will explore the reality of ‘Reality TV’.

Joining Tom each week will be three industry experts who will give viewers an insider take on the world’s most-watched TV genre. From producers to ex-contestants and judges, the panellists will give us their war stories and reveal what happens behind the camera.

“I couldn’t be happier that CJZ and the ABC TV accidentally came across my audition tape for Australia’s Next Top Model and decided to give me this job,” said host Tom Ballard. “I’m looking forward to celebrating and laughing at the inner workings of this cultural phenomenon. I’m also excited to be able to finally count live-tweeting The Voice: Kids as ‘work’ and to claim all my Justice Crew merch on tax.”

“Reality is TV’s 800 pound gorilla,” says ABC Head of Entertainment Jon Casimir. “It’s the most successful cultural force of the last decade. It’s the ABC’s job to examine the world we live in. We hope Reality Check will give ‘Reality TV’ its due, acknowledging its drawing power and asking why it works and what that says about us.”

“Reality is dramatic, funny, poignant, and in many ways, reflects our community more accurately than any other genre. This series examines how it works and asks the question: if Stephen Spielberg is a genius for making audiences cry, why shouldn’t reality producers be lauded for doing the same thing?” says Nick Murray, Managing Director CJZ.

ABC TV Executive Producer is Sophia Zachariou. CJZ Executive Producers are Nick Murray and Jo Wathen.

Reality Check will screen on ABC in quarter three of this year.