Wouldn't you like to party with these people?!


It’s back – bigger and better than ever! The most interactive television awards on the planet in 2012: The Molkies!

The 2012 Molkies will again provide the Australian TV consuming community to have a voice on the state of free-to-air television with a bit of tongue in cheek fun. Again there will be prizes for voting – once we’ve received all the nominations and it’s show time – and a ceremony. There’s even plans for a party on 31 March 2012, sponsorship permitting (any takers?). If 2011 is any indication then 2012 will be quite the knees-up.

It was such a success in 2011 that the Molkies simply had to come back in 2012 and offer viewers their chance to influence the newest and most important television awards in this modern, free-to-air digital multi-channel era. Who else is going to give you that chance?!

But before all that fun can be had, nominations are required. YOU need to have your say. Do you best to offer a nomination for each category below – multiple nominations are accepted within the same box (and multiple times) & YouTube links encouraged as supporting documentation. Just get cracking. Nominations close 10 February 2012.

This is your chance to have your say in the bestest television awards in Australia that aren’t on television. Nominate early, nominate often, nominate now. Follow all the fun of the build up and the event here on the website, on twitter with the hashtag: #Molkies or my Facebook or Google Plus pages.

2012 Molkies nominations are now closed. You can vote for the Molkies here