Congratulations to Brad & Lara – winners of #TheBlock 2012!

Brad & Lara win The Block 2012

Congratulations to Brad & Lara, winners of The Block 2012 after their house sold for the highest margin at auction, leaving them with $506,000 profit and $100,000 prize money to boot. It was a tight finish with the newlyweds just beating out Dan & Dani, followed by Mike & Andrew and Dale & Sophie. While not necessarily a surprise ending Brad & Lara's chances of success were buoyed by the fact they won the fan-voted "Good Sports" competition which delivered them a new Suzuki before the auctions even started. Over 40,000 people attended the open houses to get their chance to have a sticky beak in the four Dorcas St South Melbourne townhouses, with plenty of Block bling up for grabs including T-shirts and Chump hats (reportedly snapped up by fans as they waited for their viewing, some for hours). The first hour and a half of the finale … [Read more...]

Bikie Wars: Brothers In Arms

Bikie Wars: Brothers In Arms

For five weeks the audience watching Bikie Wars: Brothers In Arms have borne witness to the disintegration of a motorcycle club that it's ego-maniacal leader was too pig-headed to realise he was the reason for it's splintering. As the Comancheros, led by Jock Ross (Matt Nable), headed west and left behind a disenfranchised, rag-tag group of men Anthony "Snoddy" Spencer (Callan Mulvey) had no choice but to step up and take the leadership of this new group and it was obvious they would form their own club - becoming the Bandidos. The tension never abated, particularly between Snoddy & Jock with the former feeling abandoned by his one-time mentor and the latter feeling exceedingly threatened by his protege. The violence was inevitable, but even they didn't expect the massacre that was to unfold. Bikie Wars should be considered a success … [Read more...]

Being exactly what we expected (#BeingLaraBingle)

Being Lara Bingle

Ever since news Being Lara Bingle had been commissioned, I've not been looking forward to it. I bear Ms Bingle no ill will and hope she continues to be a productive and tax-paying member of society however I could not understand why we'd want to see a show all about Lara. With the premiere of the "behind the scenes look into Lara's life" screening last night on Channel 10, from the opening strains of "Bop Girl" we all got to see pretty much what we expected - not much. For mine the show missed the mark from the opening scene. It should have shown Lara being pitched the idea so that the audience understands that - presumably, and as Lara's been attesting in media interviews over the past weeks - this show wasn't her idea. Sure, she could have said no but opted to take the chance and see what could come of it. Let's face it: living for … [Read more...]

Shaun Micallef’s Funny As Hell (#MadAsHell @MadAsHellTV)

Shaun Micallef's Mad As Hell

WARNING: May contain rampant fanboyism. Shaun Micallef is back, and reinforcing the popular view that he deserves a much more regular spot on our screens than once a week. Mad As Hell is entertaining, insightful, distractingly hilarious, obtuse and everything we've come to expect from the man who's been anointed as "Australia's own Jon Stewart". The writing team have delivered Micallef the perfect platform for his absurdist humour, while allowing political commentary and news opinion in rapid fire succession. From making statement about both sides of politics to his turn as Kevin Rudd in a fake ABC ad during the show, to his one on one "interviews" with other cast members including Roz Hammond, Emily Taheny and oft-included sparring partner Francis Greenslade, Micallef drops gags like most of us drop the soap in the shower. The … [Read more...]

Something to Randling about (#Randling @RandlingHQ)


Randle. n. “A nonsensical poem recited by Irish schoolboys as an apology for farting at a friend.” Andrew Denton was never going to return to our screens for "just some show". It had to be special, it had to be different. Randling is certainly special and different - it's just not a show you can sit down and mentally switch off to watch. The best parts of the show are that it makes you think. An intelligent host, intelligent guests and parlour games based around words - let's face it, it's not going to be everyone's cup of tea. But for those that choose to hang in and be entertained there's some comedy gold in both the games and the asides from all concerned. The first episode pitched the West Coast Odd Sox (Merrick Watts & Annabel Crabb) against the Southern Furies (Julia Zemiro & Michael Williams) and much of the fun was in the … [Read more...]

Farewell Good News Week (#GNW @realGNW)

Good News Week

And so, it has come to this... Good News Week has come and gone before. It's even flipped networks from ABC1 (back then, just the plain old ABC) to Channel 10 (who axed it, then brought it back when the US writer's strike did havoc with their schedule). It's appeared in differing formats - Good News Weekend, GNW Night Lite, & Good News World - and saw hundreds of local and overseas comedic and music acts, as well as actors and politicians, sit behind it's various desks and partake in some of the most bizzare parlour games on TV. Given the support it offered many comedians (for some like Wil Anderson it was the first regular TV gig he got before scoring the hosting role on The Glass House) it was fitting that the final show was taped in front of a live audience at the Melbourne Town Hall as a part of the 2012 Melbourne International … [Read more...]

Congratulations Ajay & Matt – Winners of #ExcessBaggage

Ajay & Matt win Excess Baggage

Congratulations to the Purple team Ajay Rochester and Matthew Palmer for winning the first (and likely only) season of Excess Baggage. The team beat out the other final four teams Robert "Dipper" Diperdomenio & Lana (orange), Kevin "K-Fed" Federline & Renae (blue) and Darryn Lyons & Lisa (red) and take home $100,000 for their efforts. The teams faced a final group of challenges on Sydney's Bear Island to add to their scores collected through the week, leading into the very final weigh in. The teams also took part in their final health check tests as these results added to the outcome. All previous contestants returned for the final, as well as a group of family and friends, to hear the results for the finalists. Before the final numbers were delivered we got to hear of some of the successes for the previous contestants as they've … [Read more...]

A man cannot serve two masters (#Homeland S01)


As former CIA operations officer Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes) fades into an anaesthesia-induced sleep before undertaking shock therapy to help address her bi-polar disorder, she connected the dots. She realised that Sergeant Nicholas Brody (Damian Lewis) had been playing everyone for a fool - that he had indeed been turned and was working for Al-Qaeda, and the realisation that Brody knew the son of Abu Nazir (Navid Negahban) that had been killed by the US-authorised strike on a school in Iraq while he was a prisoner of war was the connection. She stirred from her sleep to speak the thoughts so someone would remind her... she only knew because Saul Berenson (Mandy Patinkin) had given her the last morsel of intel she needed... and it was ignored, she drifted off, and the treatment began. If you've not been paying attention to Homeland … [Read more...]

@TenBreakfast launches early (and does OK)

Ten's Breakfast

Channel Ten surprised even themselves when they announced on The Project that they would be starting their new early morning news program Breakfast today, off the back of news that Kevin Rudd had resigned as Foreign Minister. Not a bad move for a soft launch, allowing them to get a couple of days in early and find their feet. The show was engaging and interesting, the set was distracting, and the three central hosts Andrew Rochford, Paul Henry and Kathryn Robinson struggled a little to find their feet with each other though that will come with time. Time is the key element here - many are wondering how long Ch10 will give the show to prove itself against commercial rivals Sunrise on Ch7 & Today on Ch9. If the Ch10 bosses knee jerk on it due to ratings it won't have the chance to develop the 'maturity' the other programs deliver. A … [Read more...]

#Revenge is a dish best served by @Channel7au


"When everything you love has been stolen from you, sometimes all you have left is revenge..." Channel 7 are on a gold mine with the new series from the US's ABC network Revenge, which debuted in Australia last night to massive ratings (2,067,000 viewers across the five city metro markets). It's high drama and lucious setting in the exclusive upstate New York precint of the Hamptons had hit written all over it and first night out it was easy to see why. Inspired by the Alexandre Dumas novel "The Count Of Monte Cristo", Revenge is a tale of vengeance, deception and redemption that has translated far too easily into a modern context. The story of Emily Thorne/Amanda Clark (Emily VanCamp) is a troubled one, and the plot jumps around a little in the first episode to explain why Amanda changed her name to Emily, though it doesn't explain … [Read more...]