Congratulations to Brad & Lara – winners of #TheBlock 2012!

Brad & Lara win The Block 2012

Congratulations to Brad & Lara, winners of The Block 2012 after their house sold for the highest margin at auction, leaving them with $506,000 profit and $100,000 prize money to boot. It was a tight finish with the newlyweds just beating out Dan & Dani, followed by Mike & Andrew and Dale & Sophie. While [...]

Bikie Wars: Brothers In Arms

Bikie Wars: Brothers In Arms

For five weeks the audience watching Bikie Wars: Brothers In Arms have borne witness to the disintegration of a motorcycle club that it’s ego-maniacal leader was too pig-headed to realise he was the reason for it’s splintering. As the Comancheros, led by Jock Ross (Matt Nable), headed west and left behind a disenfranchised, rag-tag group [...]

Being exactly what we expected (#BeingLaraBingle)

Being Lara Bingle

Ever since news Being Lara Bingle had been commissioned, I’ve not been looking forward to it. I bear Ms Bingle no ill will and hope she continues to be a productive and tax-paying member of society however I could not understand why we’d want to see a show all about Lara. With the premiere of [...]

Shaun Micallef’s Funny As Hell (#MadAsHell @MadAsHellTV)

Shaun Micallef's Mad As Hell

WARNING: May contain rampant fanboyism. Shaun Micallef is back, and reinforcing the popular view that he deserves a much more regular spot on our screens than once a week. Mad As Hell is entertaining, insightful, distractingly hilarious, obtuse and everything we’ve come to expect from the man who’s been anointed as “Australia’s own Jon Stewart”. [...]

Something to Randling about (#Randling @RandlingHQ)


Randle. n. “A nonsensical poem recited by Irish schoolboys as an apology for farting at a friend.” Andrew Denton was never going to return to our screens for “just some show”. It had to be special, it had to be different. Randling is certainly special and different – it’s just not a show you can [...]

Farewell Good News Week (#GNW @realGNW)

Good News Week

And so, it has come to this… Good News Week has come and gone before. It’s even flipped networks from ABC1 (back then, just the plain old ABC) to Channel 10 (who axed it, then brought it back when the US writer’s strike did havoc with their schedule). It’s appeared in differing formats – Good [...]

Congratulations Ajay & Matt – Winners of #ExcessBaggage

Ajay & Matt win Excess Baggage

Congratulations to the Purple team Ajay Rochester and Matthew Palmer for winning the first (and likely only) season of Excess Baggage. The team beat out the other final four teams Robert “Dipper” Diperdomenio & Lana (orange), Kevin “K-Fed” Federline & Renae (blue) and Darryn Lyons & Lisa (red) and take home $100,000 for their efforts. [...]

A man cannot serve two masters (#Homeland S01)


As former CIA operations officer Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes) fades into an anaesthesia-induced sleep before undertaking shock therapy to help address her bi-polar disorder, she connected the dots. She realised that Sergeant Nicholas Brody (Damian Lewis) had been playing everyone for a fool – that he had indeed been turned and was working for Al-Qaeda, [...]

@TenBreakfast launches early (and does OK)

Ten's Breakfast

Channel Ten surprised even themselves when they announced on The Project that they would be starting their new early morning news program Breakfast today, off the back of news that Kevin Rudd had resigned as Foreign Minister. Not a bad move for a soft launch, allowing them to get a couple of days in early [...]

#Revenge is a dish best served by @Channel7au


“When everything you love has been stolen from you, sometimes all you have left is revenge…” Channel 7 are on a gold mine with the new series from the US’s ABC network Revenge, which debuted in Australia last night to massive ratings (2,067,000 viewers across the five city metro markets). It’s high drama and lucious [...]