Biggest Loser 2012 – Week 12

The Black Team - The Biggest Loser Australia 2012

The Biggest Loser Australia - Mon-Fri 7pm, Ch10 http://thebiggestloser.com.au/ When last we left Biggest loser, Brenda had picked up the second to last weigh-in pass, and it was between Bek and Shane to see who would get the last one, with Hamish an outside chance, much like an outside toilet, and Ryan getting ready to finally think about the swim leg. While Bek swam her way closer and closer to that last weigh-in pass, Shane flapped his arms about like a demented penguin with a goatee beard. But while Shane’s efforts had artistic merit, it wasn’t enough to get him to the boat on time. As Hayley commiserated with the losers, no one noticed the elephant in the room: Ryan still had his shoes on. Back at camp, the rest were surprised to see Brenda return with Bek. They explained that they’d partaken in an iron man competition and come … [Read more...]

Masterchef – Week 12 (Or “Transcending the bounds of reality TV”)

MasterChef Recap Week 12

The Dalai Lama's appearance on Masterchef Season III was met with criticism in some quarters. Many have suggested that appearing on a reality television show is beneath the spiritual leader of 600 million devotees worldwide. Others have opined that his appearance on Masterchef cheapens his calls for independence for his homeland from China. Still others have felt that if he truly was one of Australia's best amateur religious icons that he would have appeared on the first season of Masterchef, and that the third season of Masterchef is less for those who really really really want to be professional spiritual leaders and more for those that just want to get their faces on television. But those that criticise him ignore the fact that a succession of Lamas has appeared before the world's populace in a variety of reality television … [Read more...]

Biggest Loser Families – Week 12

Biggest Loser recap - the Week 12 weigh in

There is a belief amongst certain members of the community that positive thinking and self-belief can lead you to great things. That focusing your mind on your goals can make them attainable and bring your wishes closer to fruition. That exemplary behaviour should be rewarded by affirmation and reinforcement, and that bad behaviour should be punished with ... er, punishment. And it is these people that believe in powerbands, which are ostensibly rubberbands you wear around your wrist that supposedly concentrate energy and help you to perform at your peak. It is these people who have thousands of post-it-notes stuck up around their homes, telling them just how damn great they are. And it is these people who believe in "The Secret", the philosophy that if you want something, all you have to do is ask, and visualize receiving the thing … [Read more...]