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My 3rd segment Talking TV with Jabba & Shano on C91.3FM - and sadly my last as this was Jabba's last show. D'oh (I seem to attract segments on shows that are finishing up)! A shame because it was lots of fun to talk to these guys. Lots to talk about, though, even outside the ratings period proper. Peter Helliar's The Trophy Room premiered last night & Jabba announced he'd auditioned to be one of the team captains. It's a good show with a lot of potential - mainly because Helliar's so likeable. Warnie somehow scored a Logie nomination for Most Popular Presenter, along with 12,000 other people. Good God. By the way, Oprah's in town. Her Holiness the Ope. The Big O. Just in case you didn't know. Yeah. The AFI Awards are on Ch9 on Saturday night, after being on over two nights (!!). Hosted by Shane Jacobsen (Kenny), with … [Read more...]



Shane, Shane, Shane. I know you are contracted to Channel 9, but this is what you asked for?! Really?! I just felt embarrassed for you. I tried to be excited for the show, really I did. Your promo in the last ad break of The Block should have 'warned' me off but I was confident you'd at least make a decent go of it. How wrong I was. I should have heeded all the retweets from producers/PRs and tweets from other "celebs" telling you how much they liked it... that's never a good sign. I will offer you these random thoughts, for you and your production team to use (should you all care to) in your post-mortem of what was not necessarily entertaining or compelling. Or new. Or inventive. Or suprising. Or all the things the ads promised. My thoughts, for your review, Shane: Just because you were once the greatest spinner of the modern … [Read more...]

Warnie – Enter at your own risk


On the eve of the first Ashes Test, king of spin Shane Warne will be back in action hosting Warnie, his own entertainment chat show, from Wednesday, November 24, at 9.10pm on Nine. Michael Parkinson and Andrew Denton may not be looking over their shoulder just yet, but there’s a new chat show host in town. Shane Warne, the affable, fun-loving, retired spin-bowling sensation, is bringing his own brand of interview style to Australian viewers this summer in five star-filled programs for the Nine Network. Warne will talk candidly with some of the biggest names in international music, many of whom are his friends. He’ll enjoy relaxed one-on-ones with Coldplay frontman Chris Martin, superstar Sting and Dannii Minogue. James Packer will speak exclusively to Warne, while chat show legend Michael Parkinson, Oscar-winning Hollywood star … [Read more...]