2013 Report Card – @Channel7, 7Two, 7mate & TV4ME


It was the year that Seven didn't slide, but didn't improve as much as Nine did. An end of an era for Packed to the Rafters and the beginning of a new empire with House Rules and A Place To Call Home. But was it enough? Their News product is now nationally only held up by Adelaide and Perth (and occasionally Brisbane, and even that's slipping) so something's gotta give. Is the time of the 6pm News hour truly upon us for 2014 - the same as we started 2013 thinking? There's certainly some work to be done to offer some depth and breadth to Seven's schedule... It's great to say they've got number one rating programs but not if everything else is a distant fourth or fifth. Much more of a mixed bag for the home of the "big red train" in 2013... HITS The Blacklist - A stellar pick up from the US upfronts mid-year, and even smarter to … [Read more...]

Should Australian TV take a summer ratings break?

TV ratings in summer

It's almost summer. Time for a backyard barbie with friends, lazing on the beach and very little of value on TV. Long before the Internet had as much influence over TV as it does now it made sense for the Australian TV networks to have a period where the competition didn't exist. A period where they could give their stars and program makers a well-earned rest. Recharge for the ratings battle in the new year. Relax. Refocus. It's an archaic call back to a time television would best forget. Nowadays that tradition continues but the programming war in part continues right across this ratings "no-go" zone. The past few summers have seen both Sunrise and The Today Show maintain a stronger presence though often hosted by alternate network stars or used as the chance to blood some newer talent. As the former ascended into ratings … [Read more...]

The end of an era: @melissadoyle leaves @sunriseon7

Sunrise Farewells Melissa Doyle

The Sunrise family couldn't believe it over a month ago when Melissa Doyle announced she'd be leaving the show to move on to other opportunities. Doyle has been at the helm of the breakfast TV program that reinvented the genre and made her so popular she and her co-star need only be referred to by their nicknames "Kochie & Mel". The end of an era for a woman who's had a 3:15am alarm for over 14 years. The press immediately went into meltdown: Mel was pushed; Mel's pay was cut; Mel was too old and not sexy enough. Whatever the reason, Doyle will remain the ever-friendly Mel to a generation. Bushfires, floods, cyclones, Beaconsfield, 9/11, royal weddings and babies, Popes, endless celebrities and awards ceremonies, slips of the tongue, jokes, politicians, births of her own kids - People have tuned into Sunrise to celebrate/cry because … [Read more...]

MolksTVTalk the Podcast – S03E18

Wednesday Night Fever - Cast

Time for another episode of the all too oft-ignored "Best Podcast Ever About TV". This week Josh and I shoot the breeze on: the ongoing-but-hopefully-over saga surrounding Melissa Doyle departing Sunrise; The shows that haven't been a success that the Networks wished you cared more about; a whole raft of new shows coming your way - including THE NEWSROOM and GREAT AUSTRALIAN BAKE OFF; and Ten Watch returns to fill you on on everything (and there's a lot!) that's going on with that Network you hardly watch that's about to relaunch itself to try and get you to watch it. Make sense? There's also some random pussy too (thank YOU, Mrs Slocum!). Feel free to get in touch with either of us louts who hold court on the podcast - Josh (@JoshuaWithers) or me (@MolksTVTalk). Review the podcast and its shoddy audio on iTunes, or simply swing … [Read more...]

Top 5 TV News Tidbits #3

Danger 5

1. Great Australian Bake Off FINALLY GETS AN AIRDATE!!! Yes, it really has. Nine have advised (as predicted) that the Great Australian Bake Off will hit our screens from 8pm Tuesday 9 July, allowing all to see if the wait and end-to-end promotion has been worth it - I think it is. (At least they waited for Packed To The Rafters to finish instead of launching it against the finale of Seven's Aussie Drama juggernaut.) 2. There were movements at the station... Wednesday night threw TV schedules into chaos (as is evidenced by the re-issued FTA rankings here). Some networks fared better than others, as was evidenced by Helen Kaplos's "moment" on Today Tonight that evening: It only fuelled rumours that Seven would be returning to the hour of news/current affairs it trialled at the start of 2013, especially when that's … [Read more...]

@MelissaDoyle to leave @sunriseon7

Melissa Doyle & David Koch

It's big news indeed - after 14 years on the Sunrise set and a majority of them next to David "Kochie" Koch, Melissa Doyle announced on-air this morning she'd be leaving Sunrise... soon. There's some life left in her yet and much to be done, but the big sizzle is what her next project will be (it also leaves lots of time to prep the obligatory "Mel's time on Sunrise" package sure to draw a tear). My sources tell me it'll be a revamped 6pm one hour News Bulletin in Sydney with Matt White, which begs the question of what will happen to Chris Bath and Helen Kapalos. I'm sure there are plans. Also who will replace Sam Armytage on Weekend Sunrise? Certainly more news to come from the home of the Big Red Train. Much loved from her time on Sunrise and other Seven projects Doyle is sure to succeed with whatever opportunity she's presented … [Read more...]

What has derailed @Channel7′s Big Red Train?

Celebrity Splash - Andrew Symonds

2013 is fast becoming the Seven Network's annus horribilis. Sure it started strong with the best results My Kitchen Rules has seen in its five year life, and a lot of its other programming continues to deliver strongly, despite the feeling some shows feel decidedly out of place (Mrs Brown's Boys anyone?). There have been some significant missteps this year that are proving to be the most bruising the network has seen in years. The ability to claim ratings supremacy does strange things to television network executives and only moreso when the figures get tight. There's a lot to be gained for a network to be able to claim they're the number one news service or most watched in something. Seven have held the lead at breakfast, 6pm News and primetime TV almost exclusively for the five years prior to 2011 - and that was realistically a … [Read more...]

Adam Boland joins @channelten

Adam Boland joins Ten

Stunning news for Channel 10 viewers and shareholders to hear that Adam Boland - the man who reinvented breakfast and morning television in Australia - is joining the network as their Director of Morning Television. Perhaps the executive team *did* read my open letter? From the press release: Network Ten today announced the appointment of Adam Boland as Director of Morning Television. Mr Boland will join Network Ten on March 18, reporting to Head of News and Current Affairs, Anthony Flannery. “We are very excited about hiring Adam, who is one of the best television news executives in Australia,” Network Ten Chief Executive Officer, Hamish McLennan, said. “The appointment of Adam to this new role is further evidence of our commitment to signing the best talent for TEN. Adam will further bolster our already very strong TEN News … [Read more...]

That’s Life – @HumanHeadline returns to Seven

Derryn Hinch rejoins Channel 7

While 3AW management might have no freaking idea what they're doing, Channel 7 management have pounced on the opportunity and signed Derryn Hinch to the network in a sizeable role - National Public Affairs Commentator. It'll be great to have the man dubbed the "Human Headline" return to our national television screens and offer his insight and considerable opinion to the news topics of the day. From the press release: Iconic broadcaster Derryn Hinch is joining Channel Seven. Hinch will take up a role as National Public Affairs Commentator working across Sunday Night, Seven News and Sunrise. After successfully recovering from a life-saving liver transplant last year, Hinch says he is looking forward to returning “home” to Seven. “My doctor says I’ve got a Rolls-Royce liver – and now I’m back at the Rolls-Royce network. I can’t … [Read more...]

MolksTVTalk the Podcast – S02E12

Raising Hope

Oh. Em. Gee. Boy do we at MolksTVTalk know how to jump on a bandwagon. You may look in One Direction, but we'll point you in the other One Direction. #1D. And so forth. With the Logies all but upon us there was lots to talk about there, including the recording of our very special Logies LIVE podcast this coming Sunday night. It's sure to be fun, so if you're in Brisbane/South East Queensland make sure you come down and watch the show and join in the podcasting fun. There's also a crapload* of new programs about to start and we had to make sure you were aware. So be aware, people. Foxtel also did some stuff worth mentioning, some people had some anniversaries, some shows got renewed, and we still found time to answer your questions. What nice people we are. On this week's show: Special LOGIES podcast. (1:32) LOGIES preview … [Read more...]