TV Guide for week ending 07/07/12

RocKwiz Season 10 - 2012

After 10 weeks, one million tears and as many fights between Dan & Dani, The Block 2012 finale is here. Channel 9 will be expecting it to be a massive performer for them ratings wise especially given the success of the series. Sadly, more repeats of The Big Bang Theory will fill 7pm until the [...]

TV Guide for week ending 21/04/12

David Duchovny - Californication

WTF is this!? All the things?! AT ONCE?! Ratings are all go again and don’t the commercial networks know it. There’s SEVEN new shows starting this week they’ve all been plugging to death over the past months and now, all at the same time, they release them into the wild. There’s still another 10 coming! [...]

TV Guide for week ending 07/04/12

McDonald's Gets Grilled

Ahhh, the televisual wasteland that is the Easter ratings break, allowing all of us to catch up on TV we’ve recorded but not seen or get ahead of the curve via methods legitimate and nefarious. Break out the DVD’s folks – there’s not a lot happening. Or is there? Pretty much everything moves into repeats, [...]

TV Guide for week ending 31/03/12


With Easter but a week away (I KNOW, RIGHT??!!) it means the only break in the ratings year is just about upon us. Lots of shows finishing up this week and next, and even some kicking off to run through the break (do we really need it anymore?). At least one network is decidedly cagey [...]

TV Guide for week ending 24/03/12


The AFL season returns and you know it’s autumn, and the schedule starts to show winter is coming. Football and subsidiary shows, series in mid-run or nearly at the end of their run. Homeland and Adam Hills In Gordon Street Tonight are both nearly over, and My Kitchen Rules isn’t far behind it… but April [...]

TV Guide for week ending 31/12/11

The Dr Who Christmas Special 2011

HAPPY NEW MERRY CHRISTMAS YEAR! If you don’t like Cricket (oh no! We love it!), the Tennis, 80′s movies or New Year’s Eve fireworks, there’s not a whole bunch for you this week. Except maybe the 2011 Dr Who Christmas Special. Besides, it’s summer and unless it’s raining you should be… doing whatever it is [...]

MolksTVTalk – the Podcast – Adam Hills Special

Adam Hills

For the moment there isn’t too much Adam Hills touches that doesn’t turn to gold. His food for one thing, I mean how would he eat if everything he touched actually turned to gold? That’s just crazy talk. In television, however, In Gordon Street Tonight was a hit at the start of 2011 and he’s [...]