TV Guide for week ending 07/07/12

RocKwiz Season 10 - 2012

After 10 weeks, one million tears and as many fights between Dan & Dani, The Block 2012 finale is here. Channel 9 will be expecting it to be a massive performer for them ratings wise especially given the success of the series. Sadly, more repeats of The Big Bang Theory will fill 7pm until the Olympics so MasterChef Australia should get a lift. Ch9 are also finally delivered Episodes, the Matt LeBlanc sitcom that premiered in the US 18 months ago and while reports are it's not crash hot, it's just about to finish it's second season over there. A Friday night special from ABC2 - Playing It Straight appears and it's a reality show with another twist (think There's Something About Miriam but not as trans-gender). 12 men compete for the affections of a central girl, and half of them are gay and are 'playing it straight' to try to win 50,000 … [Read more...]

TV Guide for week ending 21/04/12

David Duchovny - Californication

WTF is this!? All the things?! AT ONCE?! Ratings are all go again and don't the commercial networks know it. There's SEVEN new shows starting this week they've all been plugging to death over the past months and now, all at the same time, they release them into the wild. There's still another 10 coming! Time to buy that 16 tuner PVR you've been putting off for... because as far as the commercial channels are concerned, it's game on bitches. MOLK PICKS Auction Room (series premiere) - Sun 6pm, ABC1 Dancing With The Stars (series return) - Sun 6:30pm, Ch7 The Voice Australia (series premiere) - Sun 6:30pm/Mon 8pm/Tue 7:30pm, Ch9 Modern Family - Sun 7:30pm, Ch10 The 54th Annual TV Week Logie Awards - Sun 8pm, Ch9 New Girl - Sun 8pm, Ch10 MOVIE: Avatar - Sun 8:30pm, Ch10 Inside the Titanic - Sun 9pm, Ch7 Louis Theroux's … [Read more...]

TV Guide for week ending 07/04/12

McDonald's Gets Grilled

Ahhh, the televisual wasteland that is the Easter ratings break, allowing all of us to catch up on TV we've recorded but not seen or get ahead of the curve via methods legitimate and nefarious. Break out the DVD's folks - there's not a lot happening. Or is there? Pretty much everything moves into repeats, but in a sign there's movement at the station 7TWO will screen the entire first season of Downton Abbey Sun-Wed this week. Some repeats can't be all bad. MOLK PICKS Sunday Night - Sun 6:30pm, Ch7 60 Minutes - Sun 7:30pm, Ch9 Border Security - Sun 7:30pm, Ch7 Modern Family - Sun 7:30pm, Ch10 The Force - Sun 8pm, Ch7 New Girl - Sun 8pm, Ch10 The Mentalist - Sun 8:30pm/Wed 8:35pm, Ch9 Downton Abbey (entire S01 rpt) - Sun-Wed 8:30pm, 7TWO Fry's Planet Word - Sun 9:30pm, ABC1 Louis Theroux's Wild Weekends (rpt) - Sun … [Read more...]

TV Guide for week ending 31/03/12


With Easter but a week away (I KNOW, RIGHT??!!) it means the only break in the ratings year is just about upon us. Lots of shows finishing up this week and next, and even some kicking off to run through the break (do we really need it anymore?). At least one network is decidedly cagey as to when some "hit" shows it has been scheduling will be seen on our TVs and you'd have to question why... surely they'd want to be promoting the shows to us so that we can all get excited about them? Unless they're not that excited about them ("Class Of..." anyone?). MOLK PICKS Sunday Night - Sun 6:30pm, Ch7 Great Barrier Reef - Sun 6:30pm, Ch9 Great Expectations - Sun 7:30pm, ABC1 My Kitchen Rules (semi-final 1)- Sun 7:30pm, Ch7 60 Minutes - Sun 7:30pm, Ch9 Modern Family - Sun 7:30pm, Ch10 The Force - Sun 8pm, Ch7 New Girl - Sun 8pm, … [Read more...]

TV Guide for week ending 24/03/12


The AFL season returns and you know it's autumn, and the schedule starts to show winter is coming. Football and subsidiary shows, series in mid-run or nearly at the end of their run. Homeland and Adam Hills In Gordon Street Tonight are both nearly over, and My Kitchen Rules isn't far behind it... but April 15 looms large as the vortex of free-to-air television, with the first episodes of Dancing With The Stars and MasterChef facing off against the 2012 Logie Awards. Don't say I didn't warn you! Two milestones should be noted for Channel 10 shows this week - NCIS celebrates 200 episodes, and The Simpsons celebrates 500 episodes, featuring Julian Assange. MOLK PICKS Sunday Night - Sun 6:30pm, Ch7 Great Barrier Reef - Sun 6:30pm, Ch9 Young Talent Time - Sun 6:30pm, Ch10 Great Expectations - Sun 7:30pm, ABC1 My Kitchen Rules … [Read more...]

TV Guide for week ending 31/12/11

The Dr Who Christmas Special 2011

HAPPY NEW MERRY CHRISTMAS YEAR! If you don't like Cricket (oh no! We love it!), the Tennis, 80's movies or New Year's Eve fireworks, there's not a whole bunch for you this week. Except maybe the 2011 Dr Who Christmas Special. Besides, it's summer and unless it's raining you should be... doing whatever it is you want to do that involves television. CAN’T MISS Wild Vets - Weeknights 7pm, Ch7 Dr Who Christmas Special 2011: "The Doctor, The Widow & the Wardrobe" - Mon 7:30pm, ABC1 Mythbusters - Mon 7:30pm, SBS one The Glades - Mon 8:30pm, Ch10 Harry's Law – Mon 9:30pm, Ch9 MOVIE: Beetlejuice - Mon 9:30pm, GO! Blue Bloods – Mon 9:30pm, ONE The Almighty Johnsons - Mon 9:30pm & 10:30pm/Tue/Wed 10:30pm, Ch10 Summer Heights High (rpts) - Weeknights 10:30pm, ABC2 Freak Encounters - Tue 7:30pm, 7mate The Office (US) – Tue … [Read more...]

MolksTVTalk – the Podcast – Adam Hills Special

Adam Hills

For the moment there isn't too much Adam Hills touches that doesn't turn to gold. His food for one thing, I mean how would he eat if everything he touched actually turned to gold? That's just crazy talk. In television, however, In Gordon Street Tonight was a hit at the start of 2011 and he's also hosted the successful Spicks and Specks for 7 years (in between keeping a successful stand up career rolling along). I caught up with Adam on Melbourne Cup day in LA as he makes his way back from the UK after wowing audiences with his latest stand up show. He was very generous with his time, and the entire 35 minute interview is offered here as an extra special treat for fans. During the interview we discuss all sorts of things: Stand up and social media; Giving good panel; the sad upcoming end of Spicks and Specks; the Spicks & … [Read more...]