With Jabba and Shano on C91.3 FM #3

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My 3rd segment Talking TV with Jabba & Shano on C91.3FM - and sadly my last as this was Jabba's last show. D'oh (I seem to attract segments on shows that are finishing up)! A shame because it was lots of fun to talk to these guys. Lots to talk about, though, even outside the ratings period proper. Peter Helliar's The Trophy Room premiered last night & Jabba announced he'd auditioned to be one of the team captains. It's a good show with a lot of potential - mainly because Helliar's so likeable. Warnie somehow scored a Logie nomination for Most Popular Presenter, along with 12,000 other people. Good God. By the way, Oprah's in town. Her Holiness the Ope. The Big O. Just in case you didn't know. Yeah. The AFI Awards are on Ch9 on Saturday night, after being on over two nights (!!). Hosted by Shane Jacobsen (Kenny), with … [Read more...]

With Jabba and Shano on C91.3 FM #2

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My 2nd on-air with Jabba & Shano on C91.3FM, now with added intro (thanks boys!). We spoke about the passing of Leslie Neilsen - star of Police Squad, Flying High, Naked Gun &, Spy Hard to name but a few - and also the passing of Irwin Kirchner - director of two of the biggest movies in the 80's in Star Wars Episode 5: The Empire Strikes Back & Robocop. Also the kidnapping of Shane Warne. There's joy for Channel 9 with their announcements for 2011, most notably with a new show from Tony Martin and Ed Kavalee, & a new series of The Games. Oh, and Jamie Durie's back. And talk of Hey Hey not coming back in 2011. - perhaps God is smiling on us after all.   … [Read more...]

With Jabba and Shano on C91.3 FM #1

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My 1st segment Talking TV with Jabba & Shano on C91.3FM - and so much fun! Given it was the end of the ratings season for 2010, we got talking about shows wrapping up. We talked about the joy that was the Beauty & the Geek Australia finale, including the 'commitment to friendship' ceremonies (which Thomas seemed to think was a little more real than that). The dance routines at the reception were priceless. There was drama on The Block finale also, with big congrats to John & Neisha winning (and taking home $300K for their efforts!) and commiserations to Brenton & Chez who had their property pass in at auction - no money for them at all! What was coming as summer television rounded out the segment - sport on tv, life in reruns, some new programming, the digital multis offering some good content, golf is not sport. … [Read more...]