@Rove To Co-Host @theprojecttv Until Dec 2014

The Project - Peter Helliar, Rove McManus, Carrie Bickmore

Following the success of Rove co-hosting in June it was a fait accompli to have this decision be made for the show that his production company makes. It'll should certainly lift the ratings of the program through the next 5 months and that's not a bad thing. From the press release: Rove Joins The Project As Guest Co-Host. On The Desk With Carrie And Pete From Monday, August 18. Network Ten is thrilled to announce that Rove McManus will take a seat at The Project as a special guest co-host from Monday, August 18. After co-hosting The Project in May, Rove jumped at the opportunity to return to Melbourne to join his long-time friends and former colleagues, Carrie Bickmore and Peter Helliar. Currently based in Los Angeles, the guest co-host position gives Rove the perfect opportunity to return home to Australia for a few months. … [Read more...]

Cast Announced for @pjhelliar’s It’s A Date S02

It's A Date S02 - Peter Helliar, Laura Waters, Paul Walton

So many ways of perfect - the cast has been announced for season two of It's A Date for ABC1, due to return later this year coupled again with S02 of Upper Middle Bogan. The series received critical praise in 2013 for delivering a comedy with heart, pathos and incredible timing. The casting was key then as now and the list of names already attached is stellar. Creator Peter Helliar surrounded himself with some of the best in the business in writers, production and cast and in the process also blooded a raft of new talent (and surprised many with the performances of many of the comedians involved). This is going to be another must watch series on our ABC in 2014. From the press release: Roses are red, violets are blue... IT’S A DATE returns for season two! On the back of its breakout first season last year, ABC’s It’s A … [Read more...]

.@CharliePick to leave @TheProjectTV

The Project - Charlie Pickering, Carrie Bickmore

This is great news for Charlie Pickering. A chance to do what he wants with few restrictions (until his first child arrives!). Along with Carrie Bickmore and Dave Hughes he established The Project as a solid News alternative, even after it got shunted around through just about every timeslot available. While it continues to rate below its commercial rivals it bats well above its weight in content, style and substance. Congratulations on all counts to Charlie and his partner. From the press release: After nearly five years behind the desk at Network Ten’s The Project, Charlie Pickering has decided to leave the show. Charlie made the tough decision late last year, after much deliberation. His last show will be on Monday, April 7 – three months shy of the fifth anniversary of the launch of The 7pm Project with Charlie, Carrie … [Read more...]

MolksTVTalk the Podcast – S03E30

Spicks and Specks - Ella Hooper, Josh Earl, Adam Richard

A perfect Sydney night only made more perfect by the recording of some great conversations with some of the amazing people at the ABC 2014 schedule launch (UpFronts). The big news was the confirmation of the cast of SPICKS AND SPECKS - JOSH EARL, ELLA HOOPER and ADAM RICHARD - and of course I had time to chat with them; along with the masterminds behind the AGONY series ADAM ZWAR and AMANDA BROTCHIE; GOOD GAME hosts BAJO and HEX; the stars of UPPER MIDDLE BOGAN in MICHALA BANAS, ANNIE MAYNARD, PATRICK BRAMMALL and GLENN ROBBINS; creator of IT'S A DATE PETER HELLIAR; STEPHEN CURRY from THE TIME OF OUR LIVES; MARK HUMPHRIES, TOM GLASSON and NICH RICHARDSON from THE ROAST; LAWRENCE MOONEY from DIRTY LAUNDRY LIVE; and the director of Television for the ABC RICHARD FINLAYSON - AND MORE!. Please leave a review on iTunes, comment on … [Read more...]

It’s the stories behind the #PicturesOfYou that matter…

Pictures Of You

"If you really want to get to know someone, there's nothing like looking through their family photo albums." It's the simplest of premises, and while the digitisation of photographs may alter the way we do it, viewing the family photos of people and hearing their stories offers us great insight and understanding as to who they really are. With this in mind the new show from Working Dog, Pictures Of You, shows that the team involved are back to doing what they do best - sharing *our* stories. It's part This Is Your Life, part Enough Rope, and a thoroughly enjoyable opportunity to watch host Brian Nankervis interview his subjects. He's a deft guide, leading and joking with the guest in a disarming manner that allows them to open up about their past and what made them into the person they are today. That they've involved a live … [Read more...]

There’s always a story behind those #PicturesOfYou


This is such a smart and simple premise from the team at Working Dog that it was key they had the right person host the show to ensure the focus was always on the guest. Casting Brian Nankervis to guide and direct the conversation is inspired as he has that rare quality that allows him to connect with people instantly. You can see them warm to him as they share about life and the joy or sadness behind the many pictures they've chosen to share. CAN. NOT. WAIT. From the press release: Flicking through someone’s early photo collection tells us so much about who they are today. Pictures of You is a deceivingly simple idea – and one that the team from Working Dog has wanted to explore for quite some time. Hosted by Brian Nankervis, it’s about well-known people, or in this case people we assume we know well, sharing photos from their … [Read more...]

Peter Helliar & Dave O’Neil – together (again) at last!


Peter Helliar & Dave O'Neil have been on and off our TV screens for the last 10 years, and behind the scenes for longer than that as show writers for the likes of Totally Full Frontal, Skithouse, and so on. Pete front The Trophy Room most recently, and Dave is doing on & off live cross spots for Adam Hills In Gordon St Tonight. They know their stuff. So it was great to sit down with them and talk TV from a comedian's point of view, after their shows at the 2011 Brisbane Comedy Festival (there is still time to see lots of other funny people though!). You'll have missed their BrisComFest shows by the time you've seen this, however you can catch them during the 2011 Melbourne International Comedy Festival at their shows Peter Helliar's World Of Balls & Dave O'Neil Is Happy To Be Out Of The House. Do it - both shows are … [Read more...]

The stinkers of 2010

The White Room

There was lots of great TV come to us new or in new seasons in 2010 - Modern Family, Glee, Rake, MasterChef (proper & Junior), The Block, Sherlock, Gruen Nation/Transfer, The Librarians to name just a few. But there was also some complete tragedies. Not the 'fail away in a whimper after having been jogged around in the schedule' misses - these are epic tragedies that represent blots on the resumes of all concerned. Stuff you know they should not have even let get past the original pitch, let alone film it and put it to air. For more than one episode (some were lucky to make that, and even one didn't even get to air!). For your consideration: the television that should never have made it to air in 2010... Australia Versus  -  Ch7 What was Tim Ross thinking? I mean, I know that leaving radio he needed a gig (and his book is a … [Read more...]

With Jabba and Shano on C91.3 FM #3

C91.3 FM Logo

My 3rd segment Talking TV with Jabba & Shano on C91.3FM - and sadly my last as this was Jabba's last show. D'oh (I seem to attract segments on shows that are finishing up)! A shame because it was lots of fun to talk to these guys. Lots to talk about, though, even outside the ratings period proper. Peter Helliar's The Trophy Room premiered last night & Jabba announced he'd auditioned to be one of the team captains. It's a good show with a lot of potential - mainly because Helliar's so likeable. Warnie somehow scored a Logie nomination for Most Popular Presenter, along with 12,000 other people. Good God. By the way, Oprah's in town. Her Holiness the Ope. The Big O. Just in case you didn't know. Yeah. The AFI Awards are on Ch9 on Saturday night, after being on over two nights (!!). Hosted by Shane Jacobsen (Kenny), with … [Read more...]

(It’s not going straight to) The Trophy Room (yet)

The Trophy Room

Peter Helliar's latest adventure in broadcasting (his second this year) hit the airwaves last night with The Trophy Room, and good for him it didn't suck. But it wasn't quite awesome either. We've all had our fill of 'parlour games/panel question shows as television shows'. The ABC almost own the genre with repeat quality like Spicks And Specks & the imported QI. Channel 10 have even weighed in with their superb Talkin' 'Bout Your Generation. The Trophy Room has a little way to go yet. Helliar delivered what everyone was expecting - the cheesy grin & dad jokes by the bucketful. It's inoffensive fun but it's not gonna set the world alight. Team captains Adam Spencer and Amanda Shalala did their job in answering questions and involving their team of guests - although Shalala did seem a little forced in her "relaxed, … [Read more...]