Biggest Loser Families – Week 5

The Challenors & Michelle Bridges - Biggest Loser Families 2011

So, we meet again. We come together, as we always do, for what I like to call "The weigh in"! I like to call it that, because that's what it's called, and that's how I roll. And if you don't like it? Well, I'll try and do better next time. But back to matters more pressing. The contestants managed to pull some big numbers this week. Mostly, those numbers were number twos. And they were pushed not pulled. Jarrod, for instance, managed one of the biggest number twos ever seen at Camp Biggest Loser. For more on the outcome of that, see descriptions of the tug-o-war in mud challenge further in this essay. Now avid viewers will remember that for this weigh-in, it was Red versus the rest, and if Red lost more weight per capita than the rest, Red would be able to select any member of an opposing team to be eliminated. By virtue of some ham … [Read more...]