Top 5 TV News Tidbits #2

Never Tear Us Apart: The Untold Story of INXS - Cast

1. INXS get re-cast & re-made. A drama about one of the biggest Aussie bands ever? Well it *could* work, but only if you had the support of the surviving members of the band and the casting managed to find actors that look like the original six members. Somehow, Shine Australia did it all. Luke [...]

Nelson Aspen

Nelson Aspen

In the entertainment industry globally, there are few who are as authentic as their on-air persona. Nelson Aspen is indeed on of those rare few. It’s far too easy to tag Aspen as “the nice guy”. He’s equal parts an entertainer; a bon vivant; an author; a producer; a star in his own right; an athlete; [...]

@SunriseOn7 vs @TheTodayShow

Sunrise vs Today

Breakfast Television is never going to change the world. To ensure this article was as unbiased as possible, I subjected myself to the somewhat unthinkable last week – I watched the every epsiode of Sunrise AND the Today Show on the day they were broadcast to be able to make a 1:1 comparison on features, stories [...]