2012 Report Card – @Channel10, @eleven_tv, @OneHD, TVSN

2012 Report Card - Ch10

It was the year that Breakfast broke. The year dawned with so much promise and ended with Ch10 very squarely in fourth place behind ABC1 (though it salvaged third place overall for the year - just). From the get go new CEO James Warburton was keen to make his mark and did so by replacing the entire executive across the year, including long-serving Chief Programming Officer David Mott. They didn't fail for lack of trying, that's for sure. It was just what they offered didn't wholly resonate with the viewing audience. An anniversary is always a good thing to celebrate, so the 20th birthday of Totally Wild was a good thing. Then they went and fired a whole bunch of News staff. It started to feel like a Coles ad (Down, Down). Consequently their schedule from across the year is a bit... messy... HITS MasterChef Australia - It almost … [Read more...]

TV Guide for week ending 17/03/12

Fry's Planet Word

Free and clear of the Cricket, now it's time for the real ratings battle to start. Channel 9 are straight out of the blocks with the amazing doco Great Barrier Reef, the return of 60 Minutes and the very good Great Mint Swindle. Still Channel 7 counter by moving My Kitchen Rules to Sundays additionally so that it now runs 5 nights a week - look for telltale massive ratings and the halo effect extending to at least the show afterwards. MOLK PICKS Sunday Night - Sun 6:30pm, Ch7 Great Barrier Reef - Sun 6:30pm, Ch9 Young Talent Time - Sun 6:30pm, Ch10 Great Expectations - Sun 7:30pm, ABC1 My Kitchen Rules - Sun 7:30pm/Mon-Thu 7:35pm, Ch7 60 Minutes - Sun 7:30pm, Ch9 Modern Family - Sun 7:30pm, Ch10 The Force - Sun 8pm, Ch7 New Girl - Sun 8pm, Ch10 The Great Mint Swindle - Sun 8:30pm, Ch9 Homeland (double episode) - … [Read more...]

2011 Report Card – Channel 10


At the start of the year, the Ten Network showed so much promise. A risky but solid news strategy, format TV up the wazoo and at least 3 of 2010's hottest shows were coming back with new/additional seasons in 2011. What happened? Gun shy executives and a programming team so overcome with ego they lost sight of why viewers turned to them in the first place. ONE rebranded and changed it's demo focus (for the better, I'd offer); Eleven continued on with some improved programming and very clear theme nights which helped the network build viewers. The primary channel has struggled no end, however it's track record in chopping/changing program orders and places in the schedule have ensured fans seek to get their fix of their favourite shows elsewhere. Such that it is, Ch10's 2011 schedule was mostly disappointing... HITS MasterChef … [Read more...]