New Set, New Location, Same Show (#RoveLA)

Lisa Kudrow, Rove, Kathy Griffin, Jerry Ferrara

It was light, funny, inoffensive (mostly) and enjoyable. And pretty much everything you'd seen when Rove was on Channel 10 three years ago, except now in Los Angeles. He's been in LA working on his stand-up (which showed), doing some stuff for his famous mates (including Jay Leno), and now presenting a chat/variety/comedy show only for Australians delivered on a medium accessed by the least amount of them. Rove LA offered a new set and location, but not necessarily anything new - and that's not such a bad thing. Fans of his self-titled Channel 10 series will be extremely comfortable with the style of this FOX8 offering as it plays to McManus's strentgths. His interview style is engaging and draws not only the subject in but the audience as well. The dynamic has changed a little with no desk, rather the host on a couch and the guests … [Read more...]

Nelson Aspen

Nelson Aspen

In the entertainment industry globally, there are few who are as authentic as their on-air persona. Nelson Aspen is indeed on of those rare few. It's far too easy to tagĀ Aspen as "the nice guy". He's equal parts an entertainer; a bon vivant; an author; a producer; a star in his own right; an athlete; a journalist; and, yes - a very nice guy. At the luncheon on Friday 11/03 to launch his new book Dinner At Nelson's, not only did he regale the attending elite with his many wonderful anecdotes on a life connected to Hollywood ("At Sunrise, the hierarchy goes: Intern, Cash Cow, Nelson's producer..."), but also more than one song and each one perfect for the occasion (just ask Kate who was seranaded by Nelson after hearing that she'd gotten engaged that morning). Did you know there are lyrics to the Bewitched and I Dream Of Jeanie themes? … [Read more...]