Keeping up with #MolksTVTalkRadio…


Radio keeps me pretty busy these days. So busy I'm becoming quite good at it, and someone should employ me to do it. Ahem. If you want to keep up with my regular spots across the FM and AM bands, but don't have access to the radio at the times I do them, you can swing by my SoundCloud pageand have a listen at your leisure. As always I value your feedback, so don't be afraid to tell me what you really think about them. If you really wanted to help you could ring your local radio station and tell them they should get me on for a segment! Point them to my SoundCloud page and their Program Director will get a great example of the kind of thing I do and could do for them. BE MY PIMP! If you've not kept up, here's a couple of samples from just this week you can enjoy... Sea FM Wide Bay - Kim & Mak (08/02/12) by MolksTVTalk … [Read more...]