TV Guide for week ending 05/03/2011

83rd Annual Academy Awards

As we kick into Week 10, we’ve already got casualties. No more Ben Elton: Live From Planet Earth, House is bouncing around, there’s talk of 6PM with George Negus becoming 6:30PM, Southland & The Shield have vanished unceremoniously, & Top Gear is in trouble. Who’d be a TV programmer? I’d offer, but I suspect my [...]

TV Guide for week ending 26/02/11

Conviction Kitchen

Welcome to Week 9, and now we start to hit interesting territory. The Networks are starting to respond to the scheduling of their shows with movement and/or support based on the first two weeks of ratings, and people are responding in droves with their remotes (Ch7 had 8 to the Top10 shows of Week 8). [...]

TV Guide for week ending 29/01/11


Here we go, people – this week marks the start of the official ratings period for 2011. Excited? I sure as hell am. So many new shows, so many new episodes, so much time in front of the box, all starting this week. It’s actually a little surprising as most things are starting “after the [...]