Foreign Correspondent celebrates 20 years (@ForeignOfficial)

Foreign Correspondent

20 years is a long time in Australian television. For a current affairs show to see out 20 years is an amazing feat in any language and for Foreign Correspondent it's made even sweeter by the calibre of producers, reporters and hosts the show has seen in it's run. This special 20th anniversary episode will provide it's own interest in the return of some of those past alumni to record follow up stories that will challenge and educate. From the press release: Foreign Correspondent has covered extraordinary and dramatic global change since it launched back in 1992 and yet, as the program’s 20th anniversary program shows, while many parts of the world have moved at warp speed, others remain mired in the past. To explore the way our world has spun during these years, Foreign Correspondent alumni Tony Jones and Jennifer Byrne have … [Read more...]

60 Minutes – Sun 12/12/10

60 Minutes

The Summer series/best of for 60 Minutes is not only providing some great stories from 2010, but also from within the archives. The good thing about the investment by Channel 9 in this show is that it not only is encouraging the collection of intriguing stories but also the development of great production & behind the camera staff. This week offers us the same high standard. What you can expect on this week's show: Avalanche! Sometimes you can admire people for their courage while wanting to shake some sense into them at the same time. That's how Liz Hayes felt when she was introduced to members of the Avalanche Survivors Club. These big mountain skiers describe being swallowed by a towering wall of snow, buried in the cold and the darkness, slowly suffocating. Terrifying stuff and yet they keep going back for more. It's all about … [Read more...]