MolksTVTalk – the Podcast (S01E17)

Million Dollar Drop

2011 - the year that television kept on giving. And taking. But mostly giving. But when it took, it took HARD. For this very special review episode we were joined by Scott Ellis - media writer for Fairfax newspapers including the Sydney Morning Herald. We cast a critical eye across the programming that mattered, shattered and battered. Where did Channel 7 go wrong? Why did Channel 10 do that to themselves (and will it pay off)? Did Channel 9 manage to claw anything back to help them get closer to being the "home of comedy"? Was Rob Charlton the best Kerry Packer that ABC1 could afford? (The answer to that last question is a resounding YES.) It's just like we're sitting next to you in a cafe and talking way too loudly about stuff you might not care about as much as we do. This is our last podcast for 2011, but we'll be returning in … [Read more...]

It wasn’t quite a Knockout

It's A Knockout title card

I held high hopes for the reboot of It's A Knockout. It was never going to be able to match the fond memories of the original 80's version featuring Billy J Smith, Fiona Macdonald, and later, Ricky May. After the first ten minutes I was thinking this updated version was a massive mistake. HG Nelson usually has such a good nose for television - it didn't feel like it. His all-in, balls-and-all style missed the counterpoint of his usual screen partner in Rampaging Roy Slaven. Brad McEwan was too straight a straight man, though his role was to keep the show rolling. Then there was the continual double entendres, intentional or otherwise. It started with the "Knockerdome", and and hit it's pinnacle with Charli Robinson questioning one of the contestants about how she got "9 blowies in her basket". Even in context it made me … [Read more...]

It’s A Knockout teaser (#Knockout)

It's A Knockout

The show that keeps on giving just gave a little more. With It's A Knockout returning to our screens over summer, the only question you need to be asking is "when do I need to be sitting on the couch watching this masterpiece unfold?". Hosted by HG Nelson, Brad McEwan & Charli Robinson filming has just wrapped in Malaysia so we can now all see the glory of the coming non-ratings giant. Not convinced? Check out the first teaser to come out of Channel 10... … [Read more...]

Sneak Peek: It’s a Knockout set

It's A Knockout - old title

Since the announcement of the return of It's A Knockout to our screens on Channel 10 this summer, many people have held high expectations. Will it be as good as the memories we have of the original? Can HG Nelson, Brad McEwan and Charli Robinson live up to the lofty standards set for them by Billy J Smith and Fiona MacDonald? We certainly hope so. The difficulty in keeping secrets is that the even the crew have the ability to take recordings from dry runs and rehearsals to bang up on YouTube and ruin the whole surprise. So, with that spoiler alert in place, have a look Australia at your new It's a Knockout set all ready to go in Malaysia. (I particularly love the judges/hosts stand-ins for this shot - stuffed giraffes. I think that speaks volumes.) … [Read more...]

It’s A Knockout confirmed for Channel 10

It's A Knockout - HG Nelson, Charli Robinson, Brad McEwan

It's coming... just like I told you last week. It's A Knockout will return to Australian TV screens over summer on Ch10, hosted by HG Nelson with added Charli Robinson & Brad McEwan. I think you can see from the picture supplied what role Charli will take on in the event... yes, the referee. "He's fallen over!" takes on a brand new life. From the press release: Network Ten and Spring, with thanks to McDonald’s, announce the return of one of Australia’s all-time family favourite shows. It’s A Knockout will be fronted by HG Nelson, Brad McEwan, and Charli Robinson and is set to screen over summer of 2011 on TEN. Big, colourful and plenty of fun, It’s a Knockout is an iconic Australian TV series that has been revamped for the 21st century with bigger, more visual, and more outrageous games. Hosting this modern take on a classic … [Read more...]

MolksTVTalk – the Podcast (S01E10)

This week, we're celebrating the first season of The Renovators and the finale involving the sale of all 6 houses tonight (Wed 12/10) on Channel 10. SteveMolk & Josh get their fanboyisms on and talk up a storm with the judge with the best asian goatee ever, Peter Ho. There's also a great disagreement about who's responsibility it is to advance expectations around television advertisments, with particular reference to the numerous ad breaks in the Bathurst 1000 telecast and the complete lack of creativity therein. Yes, "therein". In this fully renovated episode: News Of The World (??)... Everybody wins at everything. All the time. It's A Knockout! Allegedly. The decisive fanboy review of The Renovators. Big Brother Australia to return after the 2012 London Olympics on Ch9. Interview with Peter Ho, one of the judges … [Read more...]

Latest News – Photo Finish; It’s A Knockout; Big Brother Australia

Natalie Garonzi & Charli Robinson

Photo Finish is now in production, being made by Southern Star for ABC. The new reality series is expected to air in 2012 on ABC1, pitting amateur still photographers against each other in a number of challenges with weekly eliminations. An interesting move for Aunty with their first competitive reality TV program. It's been confirmed that Big Brother Australia will be filmed on the Gold Coast, however Southern Star are yet to confirm if the production will be filmed at Dreamworld or Warner Brother's Movie World. It was always slated to air in 2012 though now additionally comfirmed to be screened after the London Olympics (closing ceremony scheduled for 12 August) allowing pre-production, casting and set construction time. The rumours surrounding the new Big Brother series continue, including suggestions Natalie Garonzi will … [Read more...]