Why I Love: House by @Kath_Robinson10

House - cast

There have been few characters on TV as enigmatic as Dr Gregory House. As quickly as people fell in love with him they started to hold him to account (isn’t it always the way that the people you love are often the ones that hurt you the most)… Dear House, SLAP. That’s for treating Cuddy [...]

MolksTVTalk the Podcast – S02E04

Dario Russo & Sean James Taylor - Danger 5

Well here we go – the first week of ratings, and SteveMolk & Josh are back with another podcast episode to educate, confuse and horrify. Kerri-Anne resurfaces, Sunrise has a nasty case of the delays, Channel 7 finally get their Revenge, House gets cancelled two seasons too late just as it’s about to start screening [...]

2011 match-ups (first quarter): Wednesday


Wednesdays have always been the home to the hotly contested ownership of the remote. Traditionally for the free to air networks – it’s mid-week, people are looking for something to distract them from everything, and TV usually wins. No one network owns the night, there’s too much hopping about , and the schedule we’re offered [...]

Southern Cross Ten sizzles it’s 2011 promo


One of the largest regional radio & television networks in Australia, Southern Cross Ten is able to deliver some pretty good content. Not just using it’s relationship to deliver quality content from Channel 10 but also creating it’s own linked in with it’s radio resources pretty intelligently. There is a lot of great new shows [...]