“Can this be too much happiness for one person?” (#Offspring S03E01)

Offspring title card

Season two of Offspring ended on a relatively sweet note with Mick (Eddie Perfect) & Billie (Kat Stewart) eventually managing to get married, though the doubt cast over Nina (Asher Keddie) that Darcy (John Waters) wasn't her real dad left viewers hanging. Confused? Don't be - it's Aussie chick drama at it's finest, and the upcoming season three of Offspring promises more twists, turns, anxiety, joy, laughter, tears, love and surprises than ever before. And fans of the series will *love* it. Nina's in love with Patrick (Matthew Le Nevez) - still - though her inner monologue continues to fight her. "Can this be too much happiness for one person?" she asks herself. It's everything Offspring fans have come to expect from their heroine. Self-doubt and mental self-sabotage. Despite this ongoing internal inner battle of wills, the coming … [Read more...]

Circular Bells


Seemingly, there is nothing the ladies from The Circle cannot do. Cook. Laugh. Replace a woman with a dude. Release a CD. It's fun, and it reflects the style of the hosts and their market, and it's a great way to help raise much needed funds for the Children's Hospital Foundations Australia. Such a good idea. I wonder how many they'll ship? From the press release: Sony Music and Network Ten proudly present ‘Music From The Circle’, a collection of 38 classic hits chosen by “The Girls” from the hit TEN show, “The Circle”. In addition to smash hit songs by artists including Michael Jackson, Prince, Olivia Newton-John and Duran Duran, the album contains a new song entitled “Circle Song”, co-written by Clare Bowditch & Yumi Stynes and performed by Chrissie, Yumi, Denise & Gorgi. The decision to make a compilation album was simple … [Read more...]