Carols by Candlelight 2011

Karl Stefanovic & Lisa Wilkinson

It's an institution. The Christmas Eve Carols by Candlelight is something that most people either congregate at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl (if they're in Melbourne) for or cluster around the television to enjoy a night of carols before the big day. It's a television event everyone can enjoy, and the line-up of talent reflects that. From the press release: Join TODAY show hosts Karl Stefanovic and Lisa Wilkinson on Christmas Eve as they present Vision Australia’s Carols by Candlelight, a show for the whole family to enjoy. Carols by Candlelight will be broadcast live on Channel Nine from Melbourne’s Sidney Myer Music Bowl on Saturday, December 24, at 8.00pm. The annual concert, full of favourite Christmas carols, features some of Australia’s favourite performers. Stan Walker, making his first appearance as this year’s Carols … [Read more...]

With Josh and Stace on Star FM #3

Mid North Coast's Star FM Logo

How do you know it's Christmas? Simple - radio stations are so starved for content they'll let anyone on air to talk crap. Enter Molk. Courtesy Josh & Stace - the Star FM Breakfast Crew - we managed 3 breaks this time! Surprisingly we had a lot to talk about. My crowd-sourced Top10 Christmas movies, and the travesty that was Elf coming in at number 5 on the list. Stace loves National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, so her family tradition is safe. As for Josh, well... his fave meant he's a littler weirder than all the rest of us. But not by much. We also talked up some Christmas highlights, the Tennis is on Channel 7 for all of January (hope you like it!), and the news programming that's coming to Channel 10 in 2011 - hello George Negus, the thinking person's safari suit. There was also a moment to talk about the upcoming series … [Read more...]

With Liam and Robbie on 96.5 FM #1

96.5 FM (96Five) Logo

A great pickup just when I thought everyone was on holidays, and the start of what should become a semi-regular spot on Brisbane's 96.5 Family Show with Liam, Robbie & Ness. We talked Christmas movies and the lack thereof on television this Christmas time. There's been some screened, but not anything near what there could have been, and while in the build up to Christmas and on Christmas day there is some great stuff - so many good movies are missing. In preparation for this, it got me thinking and I went to the Twitters and decided to crowd source everyone's favourite Christmas film, and the Top10 outcome is here.   … [Read more...]

Top10 All-Time Favourite Christmas films

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

The Christmas movie is a specific genre of film that is designed to have the happiest of endings. "Peace on earth, goodwill to all men" kind of endings. "Giving presents to everyone with a lovely staged warm family Christmas shot" kind of endings. Funny how there's no Australian Christmas films - no snow here - but I digress... Now, I could take umbrage with this list, as it's clearly not got anything released inside the last 3 years, but it's still a great resource. Instead I went to Twitter to get YOUR favourites and following is the collated results to give us the Top10 All-Time Favourite Christmas films (it's both surprising and it's not). 10. Santa Claus: The Movie This has lost some of it's lustre since people realised Dudley Moore really wasn't ever entertaining, but gains some support back as John Lithgow proved he was … [Read more...]

SPECIAL: 2010 Christmas TV Guide


You can smell it. Christmas is here. If you couldn't tell by the parking at the shops, then the content on your TV should be signalling something special is going on. I love Christmas - I really do. All this Christmas programming makes this big old softy just a little warm & gooey inside. So, to assist me as much as you, I offer a guide to everything that's on TV that has anything remotely to do with Christmas. As you'll see, if you like Christmas there's heaps to keep you interested on TV (particularly movies - including the best Christmas movie ever: ELF)... Sunday 19/12 Movie: Karrol's Christmas - 4:10pm, 7Two Focus on Christmas - 5pm, Ch7 The Nutcracker Story - 6pm, ABC2 The Private Life of a Christmas Masterpiece - 10:10pm, ABC1 Movie: Bush Christmas – 11:30pm, ABC1 Monday 20/12 Jamie's Family Christmas: … [Read more...]

With Jabba and Shano on C91.3 FM #3

C91.3 FM Logo

My 3rd segment Talking TV with Jabba & Shano on C91.3FM - and sadly my last as this was Jabba's last show. D'oh (I seem to attract segments on shows that are finishing up)! A shame because it was lots of fun to talk to these guys. Lots to talk about, though, even outside the ratings period proper. Peter Helliar's The Trophy Room premiered last night & Jabba announced he'd auditioned to be one of the team captains. It's a good show with a lot of potential - mainly because Helliar's so likeable. Warnie somehow scored a Logie nomination for Most Popular Presenter, along with 12,000 other people. Good God. By the way, Oprah's in town. Her Holiness the Ope. The Big O. Just in case you didn't know. Yeah. The AFI Awards are on Ch9 on Saturday night, after being on over two nights (!!). Hosted by Shane Jacobsen (Kenny), with … [Read more...]

2010 Prep Christmas Concert

Seriously, it looks like some kids have painted some pictures and you've stuck it up - and you call that scenery?!

Never before in my 37 long years have I been subjected to such high levels of cuteness. The smiling little faces. The dodgy costumes. The effervescent hope in the face of impending failure. The mixture of plasticised smiles and out of time dance moves. The 2010 Prep Christmas concert was mired in controversy. The Angels choir quite clearly held the show together. Without it, the ensemble cast would have struggled through  a mish-mash of awkward choreography and poor stage-direction. If not for the enthusiastic singing by said massed Angels the accompanying CD soundtrack would have featured far too strongly, and would have resulted in the delivery of a tuneful rendition of such favourites as "Away in a Manager" and "Joy to the World". Instead we were graced with a vocal throng that ebbed and flowed as words were remembered and … [Read more...]

Carols in the Domain

Carols In The Domain

Oh. My. Goodness. It's nearly Christmas time. Or at least that's what the networks would have us believe, given the number of Christmas specials and Christmas press releases upon us. Oh look! Another one... For its 28th year, the much loved Christmas event Woolworths Carols in the Domain will be hosted by Grant Denyer and Kylie Gillies. The Carols will be shown live from Sydney’s Domain on Saturday, December 18, at 8.30pm. Joining in on the Christmas spirit on the Carols stage include Seven stars Georgie Parker, Jay Laga’aia, Australia’s Got Talent winners Mark Vincent and Justice Crew, Felicity Urquhart and children’s favourite The Wiggles. Grant says of being on the Carols stage: “Nothing is more magical than the spirit of Christmas and being part of a show that has 28 years of tradition is such a fantastic experience. The … [Read more...]