#MasterChef finale (now with added #Renovators!)

The MasterChef finale, with added Renovators

MasterChef Australia fans had their angry pants on in force last night. How dare Channel 10 split the finale of their favourite cooking show into to parts and wedge an episode of it's replacement The Renovators?!?!?! It stood to be either the most stupid or most gobsmackingly brilliant move ever to pick up ratings for Ch10's new long-form reality renovation show. In then end, it was at little bit of both. While The Block - Room Winner Revealed (1.82m) & the start of 60 Minutes (1.203m) picked up the win on average across the 7:30pm timeslot, the ratings for The Renovators (1.269m) at the same time were the highest the show has seen and are likely to build now that it can settle into 7:30 as it's regular slot for the rest of it's season. The vitriol from viewers last night was wide and varied - at one point leading a pundit to … [Read more...]