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2012 Report Card - Ch9

2012 was Channel 9's best year in a long time (and they needed it to be after the annus horribilis of 2011). A lot of their reality and drama product delivered very strong ratings and they held charge with the number one show for the year - the breakout hit that was The Voice Australia. Their NewsCAFF products improved its position under new leadership, and their newest addition to their morning schedule took up the challenge and beat the reigning champion a couple of times - something even they wouldn't have predicted. The network even ended the year on an incredible note with what looks to be a done deal over their debt equity issues (all … [Read more...]

TV Guide for week ending 28/07/12

Wil Anderson - host of Gruen Sweat

The Olympics cometh - and so this week it means the bulk of the finales and the start of a few shows to tide over those not watching "That Big Sporting Event In London" for the next couple of weeks. Downton Abbey & Revenge finish up for Ch7 - both of them hits for the network, delivering solid ratings and heralding the return of both period drama and prime time soap opera as successful TV. Following the final episode of Revenge, the new Christina Applegate/Wil Arnett sitcom Up All Night kicks off on Monday and it's pretty funny. A better insight to the egos of TV than it is a parody of parenting. The Shire is back for another delightful … [Read more...]

TV Guide for week ending 23/06/12

Cast - Dumb, Drunk & Racist

Short of the launch of The Voice Australia this week will be the biggest we'll see this year - the season finales/grand finals of both Dancing With The Stars AND the two-part finale of The Voice Australia. Amidst this chaos, Man vs Wild pops back up, and Pictures Of You has one of the funniest men alive in Ross Noble on to talk about his life reflected in his photos - it's such a great series. This week, one of the most important series since Go Back To Where You Came From starts on ABC2 - Dumb, Drunk & Racist. Made by the same production company in Cordell Jigsaw there's definite comparisons and yet Joe Hildebrand adds a distinctly … [Read more...]

Achtung, Baby! (@hamishandandy #EuroGapYear)

Hamish & Andy's Euro Gap Year

After an underwhelming start it found it's feet once the stars spent more time out of the studio. With Hamish & Andy's Euro Gap Year the boys in question will be out and about more often which will make all the difference. How funny it will be is up to Hamish & Andy. We'll be watching, if only to get the answer to the question about his "timeslot tatt" from last year - different time in 2012, so has it changed? From the press release: After immersing themselves in American culture last year, Hamish and Andy have decided you can never stop learning and it would therefore be irresponsible not to take another gap year in 2012. The Nine … [Read more...]

@hamishandandy go Dutch. And English. And Italian. And Spanish.

Hamish & Andy's Gap Year

We all knew it was coming. We all knew it was gonna be in the UK and likely into Europe. What we all didn't know was that it "consistently won it's timelsot" - and for 9 of the 10 weeks it aired in 2011, it did. It will indeed be interesting to see what shenanigans the boys get up to, especially in light of Hamish's Gold Logie nomination. Those deep pockets at Channel 9 will certainly provide lots of opportunity... From the press release: After immersing themselves in American culture last year, Hamish and Andy have decided you can never stop learning and it would therefore be irresponsible not to take another gap year in 2012. The … [Read more...]

PREDICTION: The Misses of 2012

Lisa McCune - Reef Doctors

Listing shows here is not intended to be venomous. Not everything works (Live From Planet Earth, anyone?). Some shows need more 'time in development'. Other shows are simply misguided from the start, or on the wrong network. Either way, I'm sure we'll see our share of misses in 2012. I hope for the sake of TV being made in Australia that I'm wrong, but let's start with these shows... ABC1 Auction Room - Hosted by William McInnes, it's a look at Australia's thirst for antiques and auctions, and smacks of Antiques Roadshow. While there will be a market for this kind of program it's not going to be massive. Photo Finish - A reality show … [Read more...]

TV Guide for week ending 01/10/11

Penn & Teller's Fool Us (with Jonathan Ross)

With Week 40, thus begins the first week of lots of fast-tracking. Multiple shows across Channels 9 & 10 getting the fast-tracked treatment, though it means different things to different shows. Glee is being shown in Australia within hours of it airing in the US. Survivor: South Pacific is nearly two weeks behind with it's premiere this week, though still considered fast-tracked by Ch9. It's crazy. But don't get too settled... To throw one final spanner in the works, daylight savings kicks in for NSW & Vic this Saturday night - meaning next week gets all interesting for any shows Qld's enjoy live tweeting. Just a heads up. CAN’T MISS … [Read more...]

TV Guide for week ending 17/09/11

Hamish & Andy's Gap Year

With the run to the end of the year in sight, you'd think the networks have it all worked out. From what we're seeing... some things are still to fall into place. Not many episodes of Top Gear Australia to go, and Channel 9 and shelved it - and they may be considering the same for Hamish and Andy's Gap Year, though it will likely see it through to the end of it's 10 show first season. Channel 7, on the other hand, have a pretty good run to the end with shows like Beauty and the Geek Australia waiting to drop. As for Channel 10... well, after it's "Qld Flood Clean Up Week" this week, you get the feeling they can't get The Renovators finished … [Read more...]

TV Guide for week ending 03/09/11


Just when you think you can't get enough new shows... Here comes Same Name, Camelot, Top Gear Australia, The X Factor Australia and series two of James May's Toy Stories. It's crazy. Mind you, just when you thought reality talent shows were resting, The X Factor comes back with a massive push across 4 nights a week at 7:30pm through the auditions for this series. It looks... big, brash, and predictable (sadly). CAN’T MISS Sunday Night – Sun 6:30pm, Ch7 Bondi Vet - Sun 6:30pm, Ch10 Bondi Rescue - Sun 7pm, Ch10 Grand Designs (final) – Sun 7:30pm, ABC1 Highway Patrol – Sun 7:30pm, Ch7 60 Minutes – Sun 7:30pm, Ch9 The … [Read more...]

TV Guide for week ending 20/08/11

Dr Chris Brown - Bondi Vet in Africa

We seem to be having massive finals every other week at the moment. AGT a month ago. MasterChef Australia last week. This coming week is the last of the very successful season 3 of The Block, with the auctions taking place in real life on Saturday and then the final episode/results to air next Sunday night 21/08. Crazy. There's still a lot of good telly this week too... CAN’T MISS Sunday Night – Sun 6:30pm, Ch7 The Block (final week!) – Sun 6:30pm; Mon/Tue/Wed/Thu/Fri 7pm, Ch9 Bondi Vet in Africa – Sun 6:30pm, Ch10 Grand Designs – Sun 7:30pm, ABC1 Highway Patrol – Sun 7:30pm, Ch7 60 Minutes – Sun 7:30pm, Ch9 The Renovators … [Read more...]