MolksTVTalk the Podcast – S02E39


Still live from Canada, eh?! We're still holding it together from halfway around the world, and live every week at 8pm AEST at http://molk.tv/LivePodcast. This ep we keep track of all the latest in the Australian TV scene: The launch of NITV on SBS4; the MEGATRUCKERS are back on A&E; DEVIL'S DUST will knock your socks off; how US POLITCS has gripped the wrong nation; Bye bye BRYNNE; Ed Kavalee's SCUMBUS gets a run; and the AGT merry-go-round between Ch7 & Ch9. We also review this first season of BIG BROTHER on Ch9 - did it work and why not - as well as our rock solid MUSTWATCH TV recommendations. If you've enjoyed this or any of the other podcasts, we love hearing from you - send us your questions about all things TV, or just your comments on what you're watching. Feel free to get in touch with me (@MolksTVTalk) or Josh … [Read more...]

MolksTVTalk the Podcast – S02E05

Essie Davis - Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries

As if two weeks of television ratings isn't enough, now we get to talk about what people recorded and watched later too! The consolidated ratings are starting to pump out and it brings with it a surprise or two. Molk is back to report on his Sydney sojourn, and we look at the latest from DANCING WITH THE STARS and EXCESS BAGGAGE - yes, two shows that couldn't be at more opposite end of the scale. At least we've got Ch10's BREAKFAST to look forward to on Monday! UPDATE: Channel 10 have opted to launch their new early morning news program BREAKFAST two days early on Thursday 23/02/2012 to cover among other things the resignation of Kevin Rudd as Foreign Minister. Judgement shall be passed. On this week's show: Baggage Watch. (2:06) NRL vs the Cricket. (4:16) Foxtel Launches A&E and FX. (11:23) DANCING WITH THE STARS … [Read more...]

A&E Network Launch (#Foxtel)

Jon Kelly - Megatruckers

Foxtel launched a new channel to its suite last night (Thu 16 February), targeted very specifically at the male 16-39 demographic A&E offers high-definition, first run factual content from parent US network A+E and will include local content to bolster the brand. Launching with new Cordell Jigsaw production Megatruckers A&E is a solid addition to the Foxtel package offering. The launch event was held at the Carriageworks in Darlinghurst in Sydney, and featured one of the trucks from the Megatruckers franchise and owner/star Jon Kelly. A vast smattering of Sydney media attended the launch and got to feel some of the excitement around the launching network (as well as eat some good food and drink free alcohol). Involved with the launch were Foxtel's Brian Walsh (CEO) and Jim Buchan (Channel buyer/manager), and additionally … [Read more...]

MolksTVTalk the Podcast – S02E04

Dario Russo & Sean James Taylor - Danger 5

Well here we go - the first week of ratings, and SteveMolk & Josh are back with another podcast episode to educate, confuse and horrify. Kerri-Anne resurfaces, Sunrise has a nasty case of the delays, Channel 7 finally get their Revenge, House gets cancelled two seasons too late just as it's about to start screening in Australia - there's just so much to talk about. Recorded on Valentine's Day (for all the lovers out there) because Molk had some commitments in SYD on Wednesday... but you'll hear all about that too. Oh, and Josh was REALLY sick. On this week's show: The 2012 MOLKIES! (2:50) THE BIGGEST LOSERs fall in love. (8:40) REVENGE rocks on premiere for Ch7. (12:03) Foxtel launch A&E - with added MEGATRUCKERS! (16:53) Kerri-Anne surfaces on Ch7. (20:05) Ch10's BREAKFAST gets an airdate. 22:34) That's a lot of … [Read more...]