It’s the stories behind the #PicturesOfYou that matter…

Pictures Of You

"If you really want to get to know someone, there's nothing like looking through their family photo albums." It's the simplest of premises, and while the digitisation of photographs may alter the way we do it, viewing the family photos of people and hearing their stories offers us great insight and understanding as to who they really are. With this in mind the new show from Working Dog, Pictures Of You, shows that the team involved are back to doing what they do best - sharing *our* stories. It's part This Is Your Life, part Enough Rope, and a thoroughly enjoyable opportunity to watch host Brian Nankervis interview his subjects. He's a … [Read more...]

Monday recap #ExcessBaggage #BiggestLoser #MKR #PMMB (06/02/12)

The Mums and the Boys - Please Marry My Boy

Excess Baggage - Mon-Thu 7pm, Ch9. http://channelnine.ninemsn.com.au/excessbaggage/ Welcome to the beautiful Whitsundays, where we learn the teams are one sailing trip away from "accidentally" leaving their partner stranded on a reef. Everyone immediately looks at Darryn. Kate loves swimming, especially when Trainer Christian is the prize. ROWR! Her teammate isn't so confident. Still, Christian = ROWR! Lana was being drawn to the power of the mo and Dipper was her beacon. Darryn dived in, took off, and realised halfway through that Lisa was in a casting for Titanic 2 as "possible survivor #45". Kate hit the beach first, but the teams … [Read more...]

Massive Monday night recap (30/01/12)


Excess Baggage - Mon-Thu 7pm, Ch9. http://channelnine.ninemsn.com.au/excessbaggage/ Finally everyone gets to see what Channel 9 have been sizzling for weeks and had to rush forward to combat Ch10's move of Biggest Loser into the 7pm timeslot to fight it. Kate Ceberano was very comfortable as host and welcomed everyone to the Kimberleys in the Northern Territory as the 'normal' contestants and 'celebrity' contestants arrived and were sorted into pairs - one of each per team. The celebs lined up a somewhat notorious bunch: Kevin Federline, Ajay Rochester, Kate Dearugo, Gabby Millgate, Brant Webb, Darren Lyons, Christine Anu & Robert … [Read more...]

TV Guide for week ending 04/02/12


At least 16 new or returning shows this week, and with the tennis finally getting out of the way we can start to see how some shows get to line up head-to-head. With The Biggest Loser struggling last week and now meeting Excess Baggage directly at 7pm, with both crossing over at 7:30pm to compete with My Kitchen Rules it a reality-fest we've not seen from the commercial networks before. Cry havoc, and let slip the dogs of war... MOLK PICKS Young Talent Time - Sun 6:30pm, Ch10 Video Killed The Radio Star - Sun 7pm, ABC2 Grand Designs - Sun 7:30pm, ABC1 60 Minutes - Sun 7:30pm, Ch9 Modern Family - Sun 7:30pm, Ch10 New Girl - … [Read more...]

MolksTVTalk – the Podcast – S02E01

2012 Channel 7 schedule launch

We're back, baby! There's already so much going on in 2012 we can all barely keep up with it. The one thing we can be sure about: this year is going to be one of the most hotly contested ratings years we've seen in a long time. New boss at Ch10 vs Ch7's big red train still barrelling along vs the ABC's pluckiness vs Ch9 pushing hard to get out of the number 2 spot. This week, I (SteveMolk) had the chance to attend the Brisbane launch of Channel 7's 2012 schedule and speak with a number of the network stars, local radio identities and Ch7 PR staff for this week's podcast. In the middle you'll hear some of the formal part of the evening … [Read more...]

Seven Network 2012 program schedule launch (BNE)

Channel 7 2012 schedule launch

Channel 7 enter 2012 riding the wave that has carried them to the top over the last 5 years. It's taken a lot of hard work by the network but some risks and some good fortune have helped the "big red train" gain momentum and cruise through 2011, seemingly unstoppable. Attending the 2012 program launch in Brisbane last night the network showed off it's coming schedule with a confidence befitting the number one network in the country. Held at The Powerhouse in New Farm, all guests were encouraged to wear a "splash of red" and the venue reflected that in a glowing vision of positivity - massive posters of the big new local & international … [Read more...]

Please Marry My Boy


It's coming, and it looks a little car accident-y. Please Marry My Boy will either offer up a clash of family values or a mummy's boy getting what he deserves. Either way, you probably won't be able to turn away. From the press release: Four Aussie blokes on the search for love get a helping hand from the matchmaker who knows them better than anyone: their mum! Unlucky in love? Not if mum has anything to do with it! They say mother knows best and Seven’s Please Marry My Boy hosted by Ada Nicodemou is about to test the theory when four mums are given the chance to find their unlucky-in-love sons the girl of their dreams. The … [Read more...]

PREDICTION: The Hits of 2012


2012 is shaping to be one of the biggest years in television yet. More of the population with no longer have access to analog TV; Channel 10 have a new CEO who has already shown his hand as to how he will get the network back on its feet; it's an Olympic year; and the demand for quality content has not abated such that more people are seeking their television via the many methods available on the internet. Television is both a harsh mistress and a whipping boy for the masses. There are lots of shows that offer great promise in 2012, and these are my predictions for what will be a hit this year. I don't mean that every show will be a … [Read more...]

SNEAK PEEK – Please Marry My Boy

Please Marry My Boy

It'll make you cringe. It'll make you sudder. It'll make you tune in again week after week. The latest iteration in reality dating shows comes to Channel 7 in 2012, and Please Marry My Boy will translate to Australian culture in the best way we know how - poorly. Over-bearing mums vetting prospective women for their son WHILE SITTING NEXT TO THEM?! That sounds more like a nightmare than a dream. From the press release: Channel Seven today announced Home & Away’s Ada Nicodemou will host the prime-time 2012 series PLEASE MARRY MY BOY. The series gives four Aussie mums the power to find their un-lucky-in-love sons the girl of their … [Read more...]