Keeping up with #MolksTVTalkRadio…


Radio keeps me pretty busy these days. So busy I'm becoming quite good at it, and someone should employ me to do it. Ahem. If you want to keep up with my regular spots across the FM and AM bands, but don't have access to the radio at the times I do them, you can swing by my SoundCloud pageand have a listen at your leisure. As always I value your feedback, so don't be afraid to tell me what you really think about them. If you really wanted to help you could ring your local radio station and tell them they should get me on for a segment! Point them to my SoundCloud page and their Program Director will get a great example of the kind of thing I do and could do for them. BE MY PIMP! If you've not kept up, here's a couple of samples from just this week you can enjoy... Sea FM Wide Bay - Kim & Mak (08/02/12) by MolksTVTalk … [Read more...]

Week 37 radio spots


Back in the saddle for another week, this week with Steve Austin as he fills in for Kelly Higgins-Devine for a second week. Also managed to get a spot in with Mark Parton again which spreads some love in Canberra. Enjoy! This week’s topics included: Same Name, Camelot, Top Gear Australia – Ch9 clean up their schedule Our own Wild Boys own adventure (Ch7) A return to sketch comedy on commercial TV with Good News World (Ch10) twentysomething is not the new thirtysomething – it’s better (ABC2) Season finales/cancellations: Can Of Worms (Mon 8:30pm Ch10) Rescue Special Ops (Mon 8:30pm Ch9) Same Name (Wed 7:30pm Ch9) Top Design (Wed 7:30pm GEM/10:30pm Ch9) New/returning shows: Wild Boys (Sun 7:30pm Ch7) Good News World (Mon 9:30pm Ch10) twentysomething (Tue 9pm ABC2) At Home With Julia (Wed 9:30pm … [Read more...]

Week 35 radio spots


Another very special "on the road" edition of my radio spots, all live from Parkes again. In what started out as a massive week became an even MORE massive week with the revelations relating to the Channel 9 "ChopperGate" scandal. 3 sackings and a resignation make for solid radio, so I had some extra chances to talk about it, including being asked for a quote in a story run on The World Today on ABC local radio and Radio National. Yay me. This week also included my first spot with new station Juice FM - thanks Callum! This week’s topics included: Congratulations Polly & Waz, Winners of The Block 2011 (Ch9) 4 Corners Celebrates 50 Years (Mon 8:30pm ABC1) Get a little more Ita into ya (Australian Story (part 2) 8pm ABC1) Is a new Young Talent Time or Ch10 Breakfast really going to work? Packed To The Rafters is back, bumping the … [Read more...]

Week 33 radio spotz


More work of a morning with Rod Cuddihy (of Rod & the Flack fame) on 4TO - one more week of Townsville love, and then it's back to normal. It was great to see Ben Fordham this week in Brisbane as well as have a chance to be on his 2GB show again, along with the others that I've been doing normally (including long timers Star FM, Mix FM, 612 ABC Brisbane and 2HC). I've so much love I can barely contain it - and that's just for TV. This week’s topics included: Congratulations to Kate/Michael – Winner of series 3 of MasterChef Australia (and welcome Junior MasterChef Ch10)! Four Weddings is back in all its cringe-worthy glory (Ch7). Ch9’s 7pm soapie The Block enters it’s second last week with even more drama on tap. There is never enough Shaun Micallef on our screens - Welcome back Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation … [Read more...]

Week 32 radio spots


A return to my semi-regular spot with Ben Fordham on 2GB this week to talk reality TV, as well as a new spot with Tim Bergh on FM1047 Grafton with a weekly round up on all that's happened on TV. A massive week of radio - 8 spots all up, on top of the sporadic 4TO spots I'm doing with Rod Cuddihy at the moment. Ahh, unpaid radio spots... ;) This week’s topics included: The ultimate actual Grand Final for Australia’s Got Talent this Tuesday (Ch7). Welcome back The Gruen Transfer – we’ve missed you (ABC1). What Top Design is doing very right, and what it is very wrong (Ch9). The final week of MasterChef and The Renovators stick at 8:30pm – have we overdosed on Ch10 reality? GO! & 7mate battle it out as part-time movie channels. New episodes of Grand Designs a welcome return to the ABC. Season finales/cancellations: Marie … [Read more...]

Week 30 radio spots


It's a weird time. Normally you'd expect a mid-year ratings break, but not in 2011. It's straight through to the end of the year, so while we end some programs and start others it feels like there's not much on. How wrong we are... This week’s topics included: Ch10 squeeze in The Renovators, at the cost of all else. The Amazing Race Australia is casting for a second season already (Ch7). 500 episodes for The 7PM Project (Ch10). Underbelly Razor is coming – and it looks AMAZING (Ch9). Happy 45th Birthday Play School! (ABC1) Long form drama comes back to the ABC – Crownies. Insiders celebrates 10 years (ABC1). Season finales/cancellations: Downton Abbey (Sun 8:40pm Ch7); Offspring (Wed 9pm Ch10); Lawrence Leung’s Unbelievable (Wed 9:30pm ABC1) New/returning shows: Great Migrations (Sun 7:30pm Ch7); Top Gear UK (Tue … [Read more...]

Week 29 radio spots


It's always a big television week when you have the finale of a reality "talent" show, and so Dancing With The Stars makes it no different. But then I'll always find something to talk about, such is my predeliction for all things televisual. At least I got to return to a normal timeslot with Kelly Higgins-Devine as she slotted back into ABC Drive with Spencer back into breakfast. Ahh, the crazy, heady days of Drive. This week’s topics included: Congratulations Manu Feildel – winner of 2011 Dancing With The Stars (was anyone else gonna win?) (Ch7) Getting better the second time around - Can of Worms (Mon 8:30pm Ch10) The Glee Project specialises in quirkiness, sunshine & competition (Fri 7:30pm Eleven) MasterChef goes to New York and nobody buys Mat making an “honourable exit” (Ch10) When too much DIY is never enough: The … [Read more...]

Week 27 radio spots


Mixed emotions this week as my 3RPP segment ends (the show has finished up), but a new start on ABC Coast FM with Bernadette Young on Wednesdays. Always looking for more spots, so don't hesitate to get in touch with me if you'd like to talk TV any time. This week’s topics included: Following up on Go Back To Where You Came From (SBS one) Redundancies in Ch10’s Newsroom from Monday Offspring moves to Wed 9pm to make way for Can Of Worms (Ch10) The Amazing Race Australia gets down to the business end of the first series (Ch7) Worst. Promos. Ever. “7 O’Block Rock – The Block” & “Jamie’s Bunch – Top Design”. (Ch9) Keeping it real at 7pm (& putting the wind up the competition)- The Block (Ch9) Season finales/cancellations: N/A New/returning shows: Can Of Worms (Mon 4/7 8:30pm Ch10); Uplate feat. Shura Taft, James … [Read more...]

Week 22 radio spots


Seems like forever since I had some spots to offer, even though I'm doing at least 4 a week. I think the presenters/producers in question were game to even let me on air, considering the state my body and mind were in. Crazy.Still, here's all the love I can offer from my Week 22 spots. I hope you enjoy listening to them as much as I enjoy delivering them. I'm such a media whore. This week’s topics included: The curse of missing luggage Downton Abbey starts Sun 8:30pm, Ch7 The new One has some great content (An Idiot Abroad, Sons of Anarchy) The Renovators is coming (Ch10) MasterChef (Ch10) vs AGT (Ch7) The cancellation of Angry Boys (ABC1) Nine vs Seven … [Read more...]

Week 19 radio spots


Alright! Week 19, first week of the new ratings period, and it's all Logies all the time. Now with added 2GB spot! This week’s topics included: Breakfast comes to ABC1, and ABC2 rebrands “4 Kids” Logies wrap up – the controversy, the winners, THAT outfit… and the ratings. (Ch9) Does Australia Really Got Talent? (Ch7) Welcome back MasterChef! (Ch10) New/Returning Shows – Angry Boys (ABC1 – Wed May 11); Dancing with the Stars Ch7 – Sun May 8); Between the Lines (Ch9 – Thu May 12) Coming soon – One HD changes to One (May 8); Offspring (Ch10 – Mon May 16) … [Read more...]