Just as I get Josh back to record the podcast with me, we manage to record the entire thing accidentally off his MacBook microphone. When did we realise? Once we’d finished. Le Sigh.

At least you get to hear us converse on the finer points of TV, including the return of TEN WATCH (direly in need of a better theme) where we discuss the Network’s summer offerings, rumours of sackings that the CEO had to publicly hose down, and the ongoing status of WAKE UP and STUDIO 10 (spoiler alert: we still like it). There’s a battle at 6pm between Seven and Nine but not is all as it seems at first glance or TV Tonight story.

Chris Lilley’s JA’MIE breaks an iview record or two; Seven announce a new HbbTV channel coming in 2014; PLANET AMERICA return with a JFK special; SHARKNADO!; and Josh and I take a poorly planned look back at the best and worst TV of 2013. Also: SHARKNADO!

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