Have you got your digital set-top box or digital TV ready to go? It’s time.

For all the regions pictured the analog television switch off happens tomorrow, meaning the only way you’ll be able to get free-to-air broadcast television will be either through your Austar connection or a terrestrial antenna (the kind you have on your roof). Depending on when you had that antenna installed, you may need to replace that too!

For most people, it’s meant a digital set-top box needs to be purchase and configured to receive the signal broadcasting already. This will mean a sharper picture and better audio, as well as access to the additional nine free-to-air channels and a free electronic program guide (EPG) published by the networks to allow you to see what’s coming up on screen. The Federal Government’s Digital Ready website has all the information you’ll need.

The switch off in these major regional centres in Qld heralds a significant point in the process, with the first portion of Qld about to partake in the change. South-East Qld is due to switch off in the first half of 2013, with the remainder remote parts of Qld to switch off in the second half of 2013.