Director, Assistant Director, Producer, Technician - all hard at work.

Today I went to the Channel 9 studios in Brisbane. It was fun. I saw many good things about making TV happen, like the control room and the security guard at the front gate. His name was George and he was nice.

I met Rob McKnight and he was nice. He introduced me to some people and I stood in the back of the control room during the recording of 9 News Brisbane and watched them broadcast the News. It was very busy but calm but people were talking a lot. There were a lot of screens. I saw the news readers on the screen during the broadcast of the news and during the ad breaks when they do not use their serious voices. The newsreaders were Andrew Lofthouse and Melissa Downes and Wally Lewis. A man called Garry Youngberry read the news but he wasn’t in the studio he was somewhere outside called “Broadcast”.

After the news, a nice man called Lee showed me the newsroom and then Rob came back with make-up on and let me come into the studio and they recorded the Livestream which was only broadcast on the internet and on a screen in the studio and in the control room. They talked to a man in another town called Michael and a man in another room called Lee and a man in a helicopter called Mitch and the helicopter was cool. They answered a lot of questions and lots of people watched on the internet.

I took a lot of photos and some video which I will show you after this. I hope you like my pictures. Thank you.