"If it wasn’t for our libidos, we’d all give up. But thankfully we’ve got libidos and that’s what keeps us in the game, ‘cause we still want to do it even though they hurt us." - Tim Ross

I’d hate to be single and trying to date in 2012. Partially because I’m 38 and a TV nerd, but also because I recognise that while the rules keep changing there are eternal truths when it comes to dating and relationships that each generation has to discover for themselves and I my history was that I always learned the hard way.

Thank God for the Agony Uncles who are here to steer us all through the minefield that is finding a partner, keeping a partner, and knowing when to ‘Robert de Castella out of there’ when you realise the partner is batshit crazy.

Adam Zwar, creator of Wilfred and Lowdown, sits down with 18 of Australia’s finest blokes – from comedians to entertainers to businessmen to Oscar winners to actors – and opens a discussion that’s raw, honest and runs the gamut of emotion that is relationships. He’s drawn out very unique insight from the assembled brains trust allowing them to recount their successes, failures and gut-wrenching dumpings for us to all identify with equally.

Zwar’s gentle touch with his subjects is distinctive and successful. That they are his mates opens the door to the conversation, which he is then able to use and develop so that they offer what is essentially a bloke’s counselling session. It’s a disarmingly charming conversation with the likes of Lawrence Mooney, Sam Pang, Josh Lawson, Adam Elliot, Waleed Aly, Dave Thornton, et al. None of the men back away from the questions offered and are refreshingly candid in what they offer; possibly sending them to the florists or bottle shop on the way home to couch the apology they’d need to offer for over-sharing.

It’s light, entertaining, funny, poignant, touching, and disturbing – and it’s just a conversation between mates. Agony Uncles is appointment television for your and your mates/loved one/self, if only to identify with what’s being said and know you’re not alone.

Agony Uncles – Wed 9:30pm, ABC1.