From the opening scene featuring Angry Anderson as a biker, Ian “Turps” Turpie as an elderly pokie-playing grandfather and a full screen shot of a barmaid’s cleavage – you know exactly what you’re going to get with the new show from Paul Fenech: politically incorrect comedy and lots of it. Enter Housos (of the housing commission).

Franky, Dazza, Shazza, Wazza and all the gang will astound you with their parody of modern Australian life. If you thought Fat Pizza pushed boundaries of taste, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Set in Ramsay Street Sunnyvale, Franky & his mates live in housing commission houses and roll from one dole cheque to the next, drinking, gambling and sniffing it away. There’s something to offend everyone, and it makes no apologies for it – and neither should it.

Housos is stupidly hilarious, and cast with the usual suspects by Fenech in Jason “Jabba” Davis, Elle Dawe, Turps, Garry Who, Angry, Amanda Keller, and even Barry Crocker. The first two episodes “Disability” and “Pregnancy” set the very low tone for what will likely be a well-received series by fans of Fenech’s other work, such as the aforementioned Fat Pizza and Swift and Shift Couriers. Bogans rejoice!

Sit down, strap in, scull a beer, grab your bong, and get on it. Housos – where’s me f#ckin’ money?!

Housos – Mon 10pm, SBS one.