With a stellar cast, led by Rachel Griffiths and Anthony LaPaglia, Underground looks to be another incredible telemovie that Channel 10 seem to have been sitting on and will pop up in the middle of not a whole lot and be really surprising – akin to Hawke in 2010.

Julian Assange is one of the most significant figures of the twenty first century. But before he was famous, before Wikileaks, before the internet even existed, he was a teenage computer hacker in Melbourne. This is his story.

In 1989, known as ‘Mendax’, Assange and two friends formed a group called the ‘International Subversives’. Using early home computers and defining themselves as ‘white hat hackers’ – those who look but don’t steal – they broke into some of the world’s most powerful and secretive organisations. They were young, brilliant, and in the eyes of the US Government, a major threat to national security.

At the urging of the FBI, the Australian Federal Police set up a special taskforce to catch them. But at a time when most Australian police had never seen a computer, let alone used one, they had to figure out just where to begin.

Police ingenuity and old-fashioned detective work are pitted against nimble, highly skilled young men in this new crime frontier. What follows is a tense and gripping game of cat and mouse through the electronic underground of Melbourne.