A lot has been said about the upcoming series adding to the Underbelly franchise: Underbelly Razor. A lot of it by me, as I’m a rabid fan of all the series and one-off shows. I missed most of the first one, but have since caught up and haven’t missed an episode since. All the accusations of excessive nudity and violence aside, it’s one of the more compelling series available on television today, and to make it even better it’s telling Australian stories with an Australian cast and production crew.

This latest version is set in 1920’s Sydney, and the height of two Madams trying to control the seedy underworld therein. Some spectacular set work and costuming drag you swiftly back to a time when Model T Fords were de rigeur, and the razor blade was the weapon of choice. This will be a must watch series.

We’re so lucky in this country – pound for pound we produce some of the best drama in the world (I did say some, not all). Also that we have the depth of writing and acting talent to deliver some of these series highlights just how amazing our talent is.

That said… Caution: Almost boobies.


Underbelly: Razor – Coming soon to Channel 9.