Jess & Josh are back from their “honeymoon” in Europe & both recognise they need to find themselves & some responsibility. If only one of them knew what that really meant. Welcome back Twentysomething.

The happy couple return home to… not a whole bunch. All their friends have moved on, Josh’s brother and wife have had their bub, and now all that’s left is for them to settle back into life is to find a place to live, find careers and find partners. Simple.

Jess Harris & Josh Schmidt deliver another biting series where Jess & Josh are that little bit more experienced and yet with even less idea. Jess is as selfish/self-confident as ever and Josh remains her doormat and in their sham marriage and they’re fine with that. Harris’s writing has certainly matured as each ep offers a more balanced view of Jess’s utopia as her realisation that she can have what she wants if she works for it comes to pass. Full credit to the crew in making Melbourne look like a Gen Y playground – the locations look great and translate an earthy, suburban feel to each scene (Billy’s bedroom is filled with special touches – well played indeed).

Hamish Blake is at his usual charming best as the former boyfriend Billy, Leah de Niese returns as Jess’s back up bestie, and stellar guest turns from Judi Farr and Glenn Robbins add complexity to this already multi-layered cake. Harris & Schmidt return as the BFFs who’ve got each other’s back as they face a new world together, confident it’ll all work out in the end. Somehow. Just don’t ask Jess to work for it.

Call it what you want Jess’s exuberance/passion/lust for life is smeared thickly across the six episodes of this second series like vegemite on toast, and like the famous Aussie breakfast staple it might be too much for everyone’s tastes. Twentysomething is another enjoyable look at a life you may want to remember if it wasn’t for all those margaritas you drank at that party.

Twentysomething – Thu 8:30pm, ABC2.