Guests Kitty Flangan & Graeme Garden

It’s taken nearly all year to get on our screens (it was filmed in February), but The Unbelievable Truth is more than worth the wait. Featuring 3/5 of the Chaser in Julian Morrow, Craig Reucassel & Andrew Hansen, the team bring to life a concept inspired by Goodie Graeme Garden (for everyone under 30 – this is The Goodies – thank me later).

The show has a simple enough premise: Panelists take turns in giving entertaining presentations in which everything is untrue except a few strange facts. The other guests try to pick the truth from the lies. Craig wields ultimate power as host (well, he gives out the points anyway) with Julian and Andrew involved as regular panelists.

What’s most disarming about the show is how easily the premise works – and it’s hilarious. Sure, the presentations are clearly all scripted and each presenter is reading it off the autocue, but that only adds to the hilarity with beats, emphasis and in the very funny case of Merrick Watts – his trademark deadpan delivery. Like other comedy panel shows the points ultimately mean naught bar bragging rights though there’s a competitiveness between the guests that add a sense of fun and challenge so that Craig becomes a target more often than not.

It’s also got a cracking line up of guest talent: Cal Wilson, Merrick Watts, The Umbilical Brothers, Toby Truslove, Sam Simmons, Toby Schmitz, Akmal Saleh, Ceila Pacquola, Claudia O’Doherty, Sarah Kendall, Jimeoin, Shane Jacobsen, Tom Gleeson, Virginia Gay, Graeme Garden, Kitty Flanagan, Scott Dooley, & Stephen K Amos. Spread across nine episodes each guest offers their own special take on their subject – Kitty Flanagan’s presentation on pregnancy is hilarious.

It’s fun, easy TV to watch and is a no brainer to enjoy following on from the new season of Beauty and the Geek Australia (for a little added fun, follow the show’s twitter account). Expect to see it pop up on a Qantas flight over summer.

The Unbelievable Truth – Thu 9:30pm, Ch7.