We’ve all seen Santana and Brittany kiss. Celesbianism is alive and well. Pfft. Their sexuality was always somewhat ambiguous until recently anyway (and that has been a concern for season 2 of Glee, however it’s settled down now and really hitting it’s straps story-wise).

This week’s episode airing in Australia – “Original Song” – has the McKinley High Glee Club on it’s final preparations for regionals as the A plot, and Kurt & Blaine preparing for the same event with the Warblers as the B plot. The primary story motors along nicely with some great songs/performances (particularly in rehearsals), but it’s the conversations between Kurt & Blaine that are the highlight.

It’s won’t be spoiling it to say that, in this episode, Kurt & Blaine not only kiss but become an item. It’s not groundbreaking in a Number 96 kind of way, but it’s critical for the Glee demographic (most of whom have no idea what a Number 96 is, let alone as a TV show).

In the Glee story arc, Kurt & Blaine starting a relationship is key as Kurt has never had a relationship before, straight *OR* gay. Kurt has had the biggest crush on Blaine since first meeting him at the Dalton Academy, and even had to put up with Blaine thinking he may have been straight, courtesy a kiss from Rachael. He realised, however, that he batted for the same team in the first place.

It also opens up a male same-sex kiss & now relationship to a generation who, thanks to shows like Glee, are being encouraged to be happy with whoever they are. This is not a bad thing. By showing the relationship (and, sadly, what will be the inevitable break up), it removes power from the haters and shows kids that being gay isn’t a horrid disease. It might just be who they are.

The scene where Kurt & Blaine kiss is sensitive, moving, and well-paced. It doesn’t ham any part of it up, and the reactions from both are genuine. It’s another beautiful moment in the midst of the slushie-throwing musical chaos that is Glee. Watch, be touched. And tell a gay friend/sibling/parent today that you love them and support them.


Glee’s “Original Song” – Mon 21/03 7:30pm, Ch10
Image/Video sources – Ch10/Fox.